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Okay, this one wasn't too bad. At least the Green Goblin was here to give Spiderman a run for his money. Although I do not see Spiderman spending panels much less page after page of fighting with common gangsters. Still the art is strong, and the writing is getting better., even though the side characters remain caricatures, the stories are better and he ( Stan Lee ) is handeling Peter Parker a lot better. I'm just waiting for the issue that gives our hero a proper challenge, instead of what we have been seeing these past few issues.


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    Even though he's considered to be the preeminent Spider-Man villain, I never much cared for the Green Goblin. For one thing, far from being scary, his big eared purple and green suit looks comical. For another, while I can accept a god-like being like the Silver Surfer maintaining balance standing on a fast moving flying object, it's a little harder to take when it's a guy in a suit standing on a rocket.But 'The Goblin and the Gangsters' is actually one of the better early appearances of the Gre...

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