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The Wizard escapes from Ryker’s Island…and he makes it look easy! Who is Wizard’s mysterious co-conspirator? Spider-Man is active on the scene of a subway collapse, and Debra pushes for the next step in her and Peter's relationship. Will Spider-Man be able to juggle the crises of city living, and the crisis of his heart?

All They Want to Do is Kill You, Spider-Man...

At Rikers Island, a mysterious figure sprung The Wizard from prison, summoning a giant Kraken-like creature to stall the pursuing prison guards. They made their way to New York, and launched a giant mechanical spider up the South Tower of the World Trade Center. After hearing this on his radio& changing into a faded Spider-Suit - a result of using detergents that were too strong to wash his itchy costume - and subsequently defeated the robot spider in no time.

However, the robot was crafted to set a homing signal on Spider-Man, which eventually led The Wizard to Peter Parker's apartment. After returning from an accident involving the collapse of a subway excavation, Spider-Man found The Wizard and the mysterious figure standing on a rooftop near his apartment block.

Amidst their brawl, The Wizard triggered some fire bombs above the apartment building, trapping a group of the residents who were having a meeting up there. After seeming rescuing all of them, Spider-Man found out there was another drunk who fell asleep at the now blazing roof.

Upon his return to the fiery rooftop, however, the weakened flooring gave way, causing Spider-Man to fall through.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Daredevil VS. Johnny Punk!
  • Mary Jo Duffy's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.

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