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Spider-Man must quell the anger of Namor the Sub-Mariner, after two divers invade his Atlantean realm. Is Spidey up to this difficult task? Plus, Debra appeals to Peter on behalf of her sickly uncle. But how are her uncle’s current woes connected to Namor?

The Spider and the Sea-Scourge!

This issue opens on Namor destroying an undersea power generator, for reasons currently unknown. He saves the men working on it, however, thinking them mere pawns. One of the men makes plans to report that it is Namor destroying the generators, now that they know what's destroying them.

The scene then cuts to Peter Parker, who is in his apartment trying to sleep, but can't due to his neighbour singing loudly. He decides to go out web-swinging and check up on Debbie Whitman's uncle, which she previously asked him to. When he finds him, he finds some of Debbie's uncle's crew attacking him, since he is asking them to stick to their contract. After Spider-Man fights them off (being coated in brine in the process), Debbie's uncle explains that they refuse to work on his ship due to troubles he's been having, and asks Spider-Man to help. Spider-Man refuses, saying that the sea isn't for him.

Meanwhile, in Atlantis, Namor reveals that he destroyed the generator because it was changing currents, endangering their lives. He then asks the Atlanteans whether or not it is cause to go to war....

At university, Peter meets up with Debbie Whitman, who mentions her uncle's problems once more. Peter starts feeling guilty about not helping, and after visiting Aunt May, decides that he should help Debbie's uncle after all. As Spider-Man, he then goes back to Debbie's uncle, and agrees to go to sea and help. This inspires the men to stop revolting, and help Debbie's uncle. Debbie's uncle tells Spider-Man that he has found out that Namor was the one destroying the generators and the ships which took them, but didn't report it in case he lost a scientific contract.

Namor then comes to start destroying the ship, but Spider-Man gets into a brawl with him, suprisingly doing well. After doing some serious damage to Namor, Spider-Man asks Namor why he has been damaging the generators, to which Namor replies that he has been destroying them because they create currents which interfere with Atlantis's generators. He then makes a better suggestion as for where to place the generators, in a way which won't interfere with Atlantis's, and which will help the people of New York better. Namor then flies off, having no qualm any more.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Iron Man VS. The Bank Robbers!
  • There are no credits listed for this issue.

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