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  1. 'Duel To The Death With The Vulture' - (Lee/Ditko) A new criminal dressed as a vulture has been terrorizing New York City.J. Jonah Jameson wants pictures for an article he's publishing in NOW magazine. Peter decides that if he can take pictures of the Vulture, he could sell them to JJJ to help out his Aunt May. The Vulture decides to next rob the Park Avenue Jewelry Exchange when Spider-Man sees him. He starts taking pictures but is spotted by the Vulture. They fight briefly before the Vulture flies away. Peter takes his pictures to Jameson who is impressed by the photos. The Vulture tries to trick everyone by attempting to rob the Jewelry Exchange from below rather than above (as people would expect). Spider-Man's spider-sense goes off and he's able to capture the Vulture. Having more photos of the Vulture and the fight with Spider-Man, Peter is able to sell them and earn more money for Aunt May and himself.
  2. The Uncanny Threat Of The Terrible Tinkerer - (Lee/Ditko) Peter's teacher recommends him to be a science assistant to Professor Cobwell. Peter is sent to the Tinkerer Repair Shop for the Professor. His spider-sense detects a weird trace of radiation at the shop and from the radio he picked up.It turned out that some alleged extraterrestrials have been placing spy devices into radios to discover Earth's weaknesses. Spider-Man returns to the shop and sneaks into the basement. He discovers a bunch of "aliens" and they fight. He manages to get the upper hand and they all flee in a large "spaceship."

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Best to just enjoy it for its cover. 0

Stan Lee's early Marvel stories are more notable for the characters he creates than the plots he puts those characters in. This issue is a prime example of that. It features the first appearance of The Vulture and The Tinkerer, two characters that will become regular Spider-Man foes. The stories however a pretty contrived. Spider-Man beats The Vulture by putting a gadget on him in a deus ex machina moment. It of course operates by magnetism (Stan Lee's concept of magnetism was pretty much 'magic...

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Spidey Practices Ageism 0

In this issue Peter needs a job so he takes pictures of The Vulture who of course steals jewelry and cash and whatnot. He comes out of nowhere. Don't you think an old man flying would be incontinent or have IBS? Seriously it was better than what I thought . The second story however just didn't do a thing for me. I understand the era but early Spidey fighting aliens still seems far fetched even with all the alien races in the Marvel Universe. This issue does introduce a major Spidey villian even ...

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