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The Kingpin's Midnight Massacre!

The Kingpin’s wife Vanessa (introduced way back in 174) has given him an ultimatum- leave crime behind him or lose HER! The Kingpin has been given 24 hours to tidy up his criminal affairs, and of course he uses this time to eliminate the one thorn in his side, Spider-Man!

They begin a terrific battle together-each one taking his turn attacking each other as they hurl threats (and physical objects) at each other.

The Kingpin is about to deliver the killing blow to Spidey just as midnight strikes- suddenly Vanessa reappears, ready to have The Kingpin do good on his promise to leave crime. He knows it would take just one second to kill Spider-Man and have his record clean, but his love and respect of Vanessa is far greater than his criminal career.

So off they leave for a life of love, leaving a destroyed Spider-Man crumpled on the ground.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, The Incredible Hulk And The Ultimate Weapon!
  • Mark Gruenwald was assistant editor on this issue.
  • There’s a page in this issue that features no dialogue except for the sound effects of Kingpin and Spider-Man's punches. The editors noted “Sometimes we know when to keep our mouths shut!”

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