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A mysterious woman in black sneaks into a darkened office, steals some files, reads them, and then tosses them to the streets below.

And thus....we are introduced to ........The Black Cat! Is she good, bad, or both?!

She ends up fighting with some thugs, and strange bad luck seems to be all around these criminals! Could this gorgeous newcomer be causing their run of bad luck? Could be!

We then cut to a couple of currently brewing plot points until we get to that all important first meeting between The Black Cat and Spider-Man! The two meet, tussle, and then Felicia pulls up Spidey's mask and kisses him!

Cut to more developing plot lines, then Peter Parker sees a report on TV talking about a Walter Hardy as one of the owners of the stolen files. Off swings Spidey to check up on the aforementioned Walter Hardy, who is still in prison where Spider-Man put him!

The Black Cat shows up, fights with Spidey, and uses some "bad luck" to make a wall collapse on our un-lucky hero.

To quote Felicia Hardy, "Never let the Black Cat cross your path!"

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