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The Wings of the Fearsome Fly!

In the previous issue, Spider-Man and J. Jonah Jameson were both shackled to a bomb, when they were attacked by the Fly. The Fly succeeded in knocking Spider-Man out, and in this issue, Spider-Man is wondering whether that means J. Jonah Jameson took off his mask whilst he was unconscious. Spider-Man changes to Peter Parker, then goes to the Daily Bugle, to see what Jonah will say. Jonah asks him where the photos he was supposed to take of the King Tut exhibit are, and Peter has to admit that he couldn't take them (since he was shackled to the bomb with Jonah at the time). Both Jonah and Robbie are angry with Peter, but he decides to go to the exhibit anyway.

As Spider-Man passes the museum where the exhibit is, the Fly, who is standing in line with his face concealed below a hood, notices Spider-Man going past, but thinks to himself that it doesn't matter, since his plan can't fail. Once inside the museum, the Fly places a small package in the room where the King Tut exhibit is, then heads downstairs, thinking that he'll let someone try and steal the Tut exhibit. Spider-Man then enters the museum, since he's suspicious of the Fly, and is noticed by the guards. At that point,the package which the Fly placed in the King Tut room explodes, and it turns out to be a bomb. As all the guards head to the King Tut room, thinking that the Fly is going to steal the exhibit, the Fly heads to his actual destination: the Art of Dresden show, which is worth just as much as the King Tut exhibit.

As the Fly escapes, Spider-Man goes after him, but despite his best efforts, is defeated by him. He then heads to his apartment and changes to Peter Parker, and calls Mary Jane, to apologise for missing their date (another thing he missed whilst he was shackled to the bomb with Jonah). However, Mary Jane hangs up on him. A minute later, Betty Brant comes into Peter's apartment, and just as Peter seems to be accepting her after months of saying she should go back to her husband, Ned Leeds comes in, and punches Peter. He then leaves with Betty. Peter's annoyed with everything bad that's happened to him in the last few days, and so goes to find the Fly, deciding to take out his anger on him.

After spending hours swinging around town looking for the Fly, Spider-Man finds the Fly just after the police stop him with a device from SHIELD, severely angry at missing out on his opportunity to stop him. Meanwhile, Barney Bushkin at the Daily Globe makes some more plans to hire Peter Parker, and at Aunt May's nursing home, the owner of the nursing home is confronted by the burglar who killed Peter's Uncle Ben, saying that he's going to kill Aunt May.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Iron Man In Brawns Over Brawn!
  • Mark Gruenwald's assistant editor credit taken from letters page header.

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