etragedy's The Amazing Spider-Man #19 - Spidey Strikes Back! review

First Appearance of the Fastball Special?

"Spidey Strikes Back!" is meant to be the action-packed follow-up to last issue's "The End of Spider-Man!", and it is in fact a more action oriented issue. The Enforcers have joined forces with The Sandman, and through their coordinated attack, they're able to bring down The Human Torch who they use as bait to draw out Spider-Man. What follows is the expected all out battle between the villains and heroes.

First 'fastball special'?

Artistically speaking, this issue and the preceding one are a couple of Ditko's best from the early 60s. It's also interesting to see the good teamwork of the villains versus the poorly coordinated teamwork of the heroes. It also may just have the first ever 'fastball special' when Ox lobs Fancy Dan at Spider-Man.

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