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For the sake of a pay raise, Peter infiltrates Indian Point, an abandoned town quarantined by S.H.I.E.L.D. Will Spider-Man uncover the secrets of Indian Point before another citizen falls at the hands of Electro? Plus, Spider-Man does battle with Captain America!

The Power of Electro!

Spider-Man is sneaking around a neighbourhood, noting how difficult it is to get around with all the SHIELD agents around, guarding the Indian Point power plant. As he hides in the trees, he thinks about how he wouldn't even be here if not for the fact that he needs money badly. He thinks back to how he was at the Daily Bugle, and asked J. Jonah Jameson for a raise, but Jonah said he'd only talk about a raise if Peter would go to this neighbourhood, find out why no one was being allowed in, and take some pictures.

Spider-Man then heads further to the power plant, but along the way, is attacked by Captain America. Captain America asks Spider-Man to leave, but Spider-Man refuses, leading to a fight between the two of them. As they fight, Spider-Man eventually agrees to leave, and does so. Captain America then thinks that he's glad Spider-Man did leave as that move may have saved his life. Cap heads up to the power plant, thinking about how he has to make sure he doesn't make any mistakes, but has to be quick, otherwise someone may die.

Captain America then has a flashback to a boy called Barry, who was bitten by a rat whilst in his backyard. After some tests were taken, he was supposed to be sent to a New York specialist doctor, but was kidnapped along the way and held hostage for one million dollars. Captain America then enters the power plant, thinking about how they've got to isolate the disease which Barry has. As he looks around the power plant, he finds Barry, but also finds his kidnapper: Electro, who explains that along with the $25,000 he's being paid for destroying the power plant, he'll also be a million dollars richer.

Electro is about to blast a bolt at Captain America and kill him, but fortunately Spider-Man arrives and saves Cap, as he only pretended to leave. The two heroes then team up to stop Electro, with Captain America urging Spider-Man to take him down quickly. However, Electro ends up grabbing Barry, and says that he'll use him to get out of there. Captain America points out that if he does that he'll die, as Barry has the bubonic plague, hence all the SHIELD agents around.

Electro then panics, worried that he's dying because of his kidnapping. He runs to the main generator, and tries siphoning the power into himself, thinking that it will give him enough power to get rid of the plague, should he have caught it. However, he absorbs too much power, and the power plant blows up, just as Spider-Man, Captain America, and Barry all escape. A bit later, the heroes are told that Barry got to the doctor in time, and will be okay, whilst Dum Dum Dugan thinks up of a cover story for the power plant blowing up.

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