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Spider, Spider, Burning Bright!

At the end of the previous issue, the White Dragon dropped Spider-Man into a vat of oil and then lit it on fire using his costume, as punishment for Phillip Chang refusing to join a Dragon gang. Spider-Man quickly swims to the bottom of the oil, as he knows that the fire will burn from the top down. He then uses his strength to break the chains bonding him, then covers himself in webbing so that he can get out of the oil without dying. After dousing the fire which is still burning him by leaving the building and jumping in the river, Spider-Man returns to find that the White Dragon and the Dragon gang leaders have left. He then frees Phillip, and asks him to explain why the Dragon gangs want him to join them.

Phillip explains that when he was in Hong Kong, he was involved in some "trouble", and during an attack by some enemies of his, his parents were killed. He then swore never to commit violence, and traveled to America to live with his aunt and uncle. After the White Dragon found out who he was, he was forced to join a Dragon gang, but refused to do so because it would mean breaking his oath.

Meanwhile, the White Dragon speaks to some crime lords of Chinatown, saying that he should lead them all. Although some are sceptical, he manages to defeat those who are, but one of them points out the spider tracer which Spider-Man put on him in the previous issue. The White Dragon then destroys the transmitter, meaning Spider-Man has to find him by searching for him. However, Spider-Man manages to do this before too long, and separates the White Dragon from his gang members with his webbing. Spider-Man then fights the White Dragon, and manages to defeat him by pretending to be drugged by the White Dragon's gas, but then defeating him when the White Dragon gets close.

Whilst Aunt May is in hospital, Robbie Robertson brings Aunt May a tv, to watch Peter's graduation. When Peter gets to his graduation though, he finds that he isn't listed, and as Robbie and Aunt May watch, Peter finds out that he isn't able to qualify to graduate, since he's missed out on one gym class. Peter decides to make it up during the summer, but is still disappointed.

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