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The true identity of Green Goblin revealed! And the villain behind the mask is the last person you’d expect! What strange turn of events has led to this dual battle of the Goblins? And will Spider-Man be able to keep tabs on who’s who? A shocking twist that will leave heads reeling!

Who Was That Goblin I Saw You With?

At the end of the previous issue, Spider-Man, the Green Goblin, and Silvermane were all plummeting to their deaths. However, the Goblin manages to land on his Glider, take out Spider-Man with one of his many weapons, and capture Spider-Man before hitting the ground, leaving Silvermane to perish. Silvermane hits the ground hard, and whilst he doesn't die, he is severely weakened by the fall. The Goblin then flies off with Spider-Man, passing Robbie Robertson on the way, who wonders where Peter Parker is.

Meanwhile, at the Green Goblin's hideout, Harry Osborn has just freed himself from the chair the Goblin tied him to. He decides that he has to do something about the Goblin, since it's partly his fault, and dresses in the Goblin gear which is still in the hideout.

The other Goblin has taken Spider-Man to an incineration plant to kill him. He mentions that Spider-Man got rid of his clone in one of the smokestacks, and that it's only fitting that Spider-Man should follow him. However, Spider-Man jumps away, and reveals that he was only feigning unconsciousness. He then fights the Goblin, and manages to defeat him when he makes the foolish mistake of fighting Spider-Man hand to hand. However, upon unmasking him, he finds out that the Goblin is really Harry Osborn's psychiatrist, Bart Hamilton, not Harry Osborn, as he had thought.

Bart explains that when he was treating Harry, he hypnotised him, and Harry told Bart the secrets of the Green Goblin legacy. After checking them out to see if they were true, Bart decided to become the new Green Goblin, due to the power he felt from it. He had to get rid of Spider-Man, though, and had Harry hypnotised before making him take pictures of Spider-Man disposing of his clone to discredit Spider-Man. However, as Bart finishes his tale, Harry Osborn arrives in the Goblin gear, and tells Bart he's going to finish him. The two of them then fight, with the battle leading to the incineration plant's interior.

The two Goblins land on a conveyer belt, and Bart tells Harry about how the power of the Goblin is so tempting. Harry, however, rips off his mask and costume, saying that the Goblin legacy is twisted, and that only someone mad would use it. Bart takes a hidden minituarised bomb out of his glove, activates it, and threatens to blow Harry and himself up if Harry doesn't apologize. However, unnoticed by him, the conveyor belt he's on keeps going backwards, and when the bomb explodes, only he dies. The debris from the explosion falls partly on Harry Osborn, causing him to develop amnesia, and forget that he's the Green Goblin, and that Peter Parker is Spider-Man.

The next day, Harry and Peter return to Harry's apartment, to find Liz Allen there, back to Harry after running away a few issues ago.

Notes: Features the Hostess Twinkies Snack Cakes ad, "Thor Meets A Glutton For Gold"

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