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He Who Laughs Last...!

This issue opens with Spider-Man swinging J. Jonah Jameson back to the Daily Bugle offices, after Jonah was captured two issues ago. After leaving (and refraining from attacking Jonah), Spider-Man heads home, where he goes to bed as Peter Parker. At one point in the night, he hears his radio waking him up, and reaches out to turn it off. After a moment, he realizes that his injured arm is fully healed from being shot a few issues ago. Peter then leaves his building in a good mood, and goes to see Aunt May. At her building, he sees a note saying that she's gone to City Hall for a demonstration. Peter arrives there just as a police officer tries to stop her demonstration by force, which triggers a heart attack.

Peter and Mary Jane stay at a hospital until they find out how Aunt May is, who claims that she's fine. Mary Jane and Peter then go separate ways, and along Peter's way, he goes to visit Harry Osborn's psychiatrist, where he finds a broken window and signs of a fight. There's no one else around except some police officers, though.

Meanwhile, Flash Thompson returns to the apartment he shares with Harry Osborn, where he unexpectedly finds the Green Goblin. After knocking out Flash, Spider-Man unexpectedly appears, and fights the Green Goblin, trying to convince him to take off the mask and stop being the Green Goblin. However, the Goblin angrily denies being Harry Osborn, calling him weak, and states that he's the Green Goblin. Spider-Man then hits him for a bit, before the Green Goblin picks up Flash Thompson's unconscious body and throws it out the window.


Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Thor In "The Ding-A-Ling Family"

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