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The return of Molten Man! After Liz Allan acts uncharacteristically, Peter decides to do some investigating as Spider-Man. What dark truths will Spider-Man uncover about Liz Allan’s half-brother? And why is J. Jonah Jameson acting so strangely around Marla Madison? Plus, Rocket Racer gives Spidey a run for his money…literally!

The Fiend From the Fire!

At the start of this issue, a new supervillain called the Rocket Racer is going through the street with a stolen suitcase of money. Spider-Man soon follows him, although he finds out that the Rocket Racer is skilled enough to put up a good fight and escape. Just before the Racer escapes, Spider-Man manages to stop the Racer by shooting webbing to his skateboard, effectively stopping him. Whilst Spider-Man fights the Rocket Racer, Harry Osborn drops Liz Allan off at her house, where she is confronted by a mysterious figure, who says that he needs her help.

Harry then meets Peter Parker at a restaurant, where Harry asks Peter whether he'll be his best man. As they talk, Peter notices Liz walking past the window, and Harry rushes after her, confused as to why she's not at home, but she leaves before he can catch up to her. A bit later, Peter heads to the Daily Bugle, where he sells some photos of the Rocket Racer. Marla Madison comes in during the meeting between Peter and J. Jonah Jameson, and Jonah leaves with her. Peter then receives a phone call, and goes to the police station, where he finds Liz Allan. Apparently Liz was caught stealing chemicals from the hospital where she works, and she says that she had no other choice, but can't explain why she did it.

Peter changes to Spider-Man, and then heads to the hospital where Liz stole the chemicals from, looking for clues. When he gets there, he finds the Molten Man, who apparently forced Liz to steal the chemicals for him. The two of them fight in the basement of the hospital, with neither able to get an advantage, until the Molten Man pushes a shelf onto Spider-Man. Spider-Man manages to get the shelf off him, but finds that the Molten Man has escaped, and that two security guards are pointing guns right at him.

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