etragedy's The Amazing Spider-Man #17 - The Return of the Green Goblin! review

The Green Goblin, Spider-Man, The Human Torch, Business As Usual

The Green Goblin's back, and he decides to strike at the first ever fan club meeting of Spider-Man fans. The Human Torch is in the audience, which turns out to be convenient for Spider-Man as he just lets him take over the fight while he makes an appearance as Peter Parker - never mind the potential danger to the crowd. Liz and Betty are as catty as ever; and the Green Goblin lobs gadget after gadget at the Torch and Spidey. At least he swapped his rocket broom for the Goblin Glider. On the whole, this is an issue you can safely miss.


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    The public in the Marvel Universe sure are a fickle bunch. Also they really do seem to follow every thing any superhero does. What is funniest thoughabout the public in the Spiderman books is, how they are so willing to take J. Jonah Jamesons word that Spiderman is a coward, after he has been wrong about him so many times before. Really they are a stupid and gullible bunch. This issue is a good one, but ultimately leads to nowhere. Although it is the first time Spiderman had to leave a fight b...

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