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Punisher tracks down Spider-Man and Nightcrawler, believing that one of the heroes framed him as the Coney Island sniper. After an impressive battle, Punisher and Spider-Man agree to team-up to uncover the truth behind the shootings. Will the true identity of the gunman be revealed?

Let The Punisher Fit The Crime!

Continued on from last issue, Nightcrawler and Spider-Man are on a bridge with the Punisher, who is about to shoot them both. Spider-Man and Nightcrawler both manage to avoid the Punisher until some shooting fills the cable car he's in, which makes him realise neither of them are imitating him. He offers for Spider-Man to help him find the guy who is, and Spidey agrees.

Later that day, Spider-Man and the Punisher arrive at a festival, where they think the fake Punisher is. Spider-Man gets knocked out after being distracted by a seemingly dead man, and tied up in chains. The fake Punisher reveals himself: He is a man with a stitched up face who calls himself Jigsaw. Jigsaw wants revenge on the Punisher since years ago the Punisher knocked him through a glass window which badly damaged his face. The Punisher and Nightcrawler arrive and stop Jigsaw's gang, whilst Spidey breaks free and goes after Jigsaw. Eventually all the bad guys are stopped and the Punisher and Nightcrawler leave.


  • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, "Thor And The False Immortal"

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