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While performing a routine ‘thug shakedown’, Spider-Man is attacked by his own Spider-Mobile! Enter the Tinkerer, the madman villain responsible for the Spider-Mobile’s modifications. Will Spider-Man be able to defeat both Tinkerer, and his robot, Toy? And will Aunt May recover from her shocking brush with Doctor Octopus?

My Killer, The Car!

Spider-Man is swinging around the city, looking for a crime after studying for so long. Eventually he finds some people robbing a warehouse, and recognizes them as part of a gang he's fought twice before (in Amazing Spider-Man #153-154). As he fights them, a mysterious mist appears, and once it's gone, the Spider-Mobile is there. Without anyone in the driver's seat, it drives towards Spider-Man, trying to run him over. Spider-Man realizes that someone must have taken it from the river where he sunk it, and has modified it so that it can kill him. Spider-Man's webbing and wall-crawling abilities have also mysteriously gone, so he escapes by using a loose pipe to pole-vault over a wall and away from the Spider-Mobile.

Spider-Man then changes to Peter Parker and visits Aunt May with Mary Jane, Liz Allen, and Harry Osborn. While they're doing this, J. Jonah Jameson receives a mysterious package with no return address. Upon opening it, he finds some photos, and says that if what they show is true, then Spider-Man is finished.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man tests his webbing and wall-crawling, and finds them to be working perfectly. He then goes out to find the Spider-Mobile, and does once more after encountering the mysterious mist from before. Spider-Man manages to escape to the top of a wall from the Spider-Mobile, but it unexpectedly comes up the wall after him, and keeps following him wherever he goes. Eventually the Spider-Mobile shoots out some webbing at Spider-Man, and captures him. It then drives him to the person who has rebuilt it: the Tinkerer, who has not been seen for years.

The Tinkerer explains that even though he doesn't normally confront people personally, he's been hired to take Spider-Man to someone who wants to meet with him. Spider-Man breaks free of the webbing he's tied up in, but the Tinkerer simply gets into the Spider-Mobile and tries to take out Spider-Man. He starts getting angry with Spider-Man, saying that he can't have created the mist to negate Spider-Man's powers and rebuilt the Spider-Mobile for nothing, but while he's saying that, he accidentally crashes the Spider-Mobile into a wall. Spider-Man is then attacked by Toy, the Tinkerer's robotic assistant, but Spider-Man grabs one of the web shooters from the Spider-Mobile and uses it against Toy.

Carter and Lombado, the two men who originally hired Spider-Man to build the Spider-Mobile, are in their office when they hear a tapping on the window. They look outside to find the Spider-Mobile hanging there, whilst Spider-Man swings off, thinking "Good riddance!".

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