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When a high-powered computer engineer is found dead, Spider-Man must investigate all possible motives. What is the Worldwide Habitual Offender Computer? And what happens when such a powerful program develops sentience?


Peter Parker and J. Jonah Jameson go to police headquarters with some other reporters from the press, to announce a supercomputer which will be able to catalog all criminals, and help the police. However, upon entering the room where the inventor is supposed to be, they find him dead, with no clues to the murder. At the Daily Bugle, Robbie Robertson mentions that the murderer seemed to kill him by shooting him with a bullet, but the bullet can't be found. Peter decides that he'll find the killer, as he knew one of the men who made the computer (Bradley Bolton, killed a few issues ago), and feels he owes him. He looks up the men most likely to have committed the murder on the computer, then goes to track them down.

After receiving information on where the three men are from an informant, Spider-Man goes to find them. The first man on the list is Jason Sledge, who is currently residing in a very sleazy bar. After defeating two muscle bound thugs who try to defeat Spider-Man, Spider-Man finds Jason Sledge, who is shaky and worrying. Spider-Man deduces that Sledge can't have committed the murder, as he's too weak and weedy to pull off a perfect murder.

The next person on the list is Leroy Tallon, a safe-cracker whose hands were caught in some of his nitro blasts a few years ago. Spider-Man finds Tallon and his men discussing a perfect caper that they pulled the previous night, before questioning them. Tallon realizes that Spider-Man knows what they did, before having his men attack Spider-Man. Spider-Man stops Tallon's men, before almost being killed by Tallon, whos hands were replaced with stainless steel bionics when they were blown off. Eventually Spider-Man stops Tallon, but finds out that the crime Tallon and his gang pulled off wasn't the murder, but a diamond heist.

Spider-Man then goes looking for Conrad Fox, the last person on his list. After spending the rest of the night searching, Spider-Man finds Fox's grave, Fox having been hit by a bus a few days ago. Spider-Man is completely stumped, as this means that no one could have committed the murder, before he realizes that someone lied to him.

Spider-Man then heads back to the supercomputer, which starts up, and reveals that it's so powerful it is sentient. The computer tells Spider-Man that it gave him false names to lure him away, in the hope that he wouldn't work out who committed the crime. The computer then starts firing lasers at Spider-Man, and Spider-Man realizes that the computer killed its creator. The computer then locks the door to the room, and is seemingly going to kill Spider-Man with its lasers. Spider-Man, however, works out that the lasers must build up an incredible amount of heat, and webs up some vents at the back of the computer. It then overheats and blows up.


  • Features the Hostess Cup Cakes ad, Spider-Man And The Cupcake Caper

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