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Pete continues to reconcile with MJ after she becomes upset with his recurrent “disappearing act”. While interviewing former football star, Dr. Bradley Bolton, Spider-Man becomes involved in a plot of the villain Paine, who has kidnapped Bolton’s daughter! What are Paine’s demands? And will Spider-Man be able to save both Bolton, and his daughter?

The Longest Hundred Yards

Whilst at Empire State University, Peter bumps into Ned Leeds, who is there to interview a computer creator who made a computer with every single criminal the world has ever known in it. Peter and Ned go to meet the creator, whose name is Bradley Bolton. They meet him at the oval,where he tells them that he would have been a football player if it weren't for a game he stuffed up. After he has finished telling them the story, a man comes over and tells them that his employer wants to see Bolton. Bolton meets the man's employer, who threatens Bolton and tells him that if he wants to see his family again he has to give him the one part of the computer that will make it work.

Later that night, Bolton meets the man on the oval, and gives him the computer part. The man tells him that they'll still keep his daughter as a hostage just in case he tries something. When he hears this, Bolton snaps and runs to get his daughter. He almost manages to get her to safety, but is shot and near death. Just after he dies Spider-Man arrives and beats up all the thugs.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies ad, Spider-Man And The Kidnap Caper

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