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Shattered By the Shocker!

At the end of the previous issue, Spider-Man was left buried below some rubble in the sewers, whilst rain water was rising, threatening to drown him. After Spider-Man realizes that he can't dig through the rubble, he swims along to the next manhole shaft, hoping to escape from there before he drowns. However, the water is too strong for him to fight, and he gets carried away by it. Spider-Man manages to hold his breath until the water carries him out of the sewer, before returning to the party which he left to go fight Shocker. However, upon reaching it, the party is over, and J. Jonah Jameson tells him that Mary Jane wasn't happy with Peter's disappearance.

In an alley, a homeless man looks through rubbish to try and find alcohol, muttering that only in the bottle he can escape "him". However, after a minute he sees someone, and runs off, yelling that it's not his fault for what happened to the man, and asking him to leave him alone.

The next day at Empire State University, Peter runs into Mary Jane, but she won't listen to his excuses for running off at the party. A few hours later, a man plays a tape on TV that Shocker left at city hall, which threatens to black out all the power in New York if he doesn't get one million dollars. The man playing the tape says that New York will not submit to blackmail, which Spider-Man notices. He then goes searching the city's power plants, since Shocker will have to destroy them if he wants to carry out his threat. At one of the plants, Spider-Man notices an unconscious guard, and heads inside to confront Shocker.

Inside, Spider-Man is ambushed by Shocker whilst checking to see if another guard is alive. As their fight continues, the guards at the power plant arrive, and attack Spider-Man just after he seemingly stops Shocker, thinking that he's attacking the plant too. By the time Spider-Man's taken them out, Shocker's escaped from the webbing he was tied up with, and tries tossing Spider-Man into the dynamos. Spider-Man just manages to avoid it, and then webs down Shocker's thumb to the trigger on his gloves. Shocker is unable to control his power, and ricochets off the wall until being knocked out.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies ad, Spider-Man And The Kidnap Caper

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