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Scorpion continues his rampage, as he breaks into the home of renowned crime boss Santonio. Plus, Spider-Man must confront his feelings for Gwen after she asks for his love. Spidey discovers the Scorpion’s next plot, but will he make it to the scene of the crime before it’s’ too late?

Scorpion...Where is Thy Sting?

At the start of this issue, the Jackal is admiring a small statue of Spider-Man's head. He talks to the statue, telling it that he's planned Spider-Man's destruction for two years, ever since he committed murder, since on that day, the Jackal was born. Whilst the Jackal does this, Peter Parker and the recently returned Gwen Stacy take a walk, with Gwen telling Peter she doesn't know what to do, since there are two Gwen Stacy's, one of them being her, the other being the dead one who was killed by the Green Goblin. As Peter drops Gwen to her house, she kisses him, and asks Peter if he still loves her. Peter doesn't know what to say to this, as he's started getting feelings for Mary Jane. Peter then changes to Spider-Man and swings off.

Meanwhile, the Scorpion breaks into a heavily guarded mansion. Inside is a crime boss called Santonio, and Scorpion tells him that he's going to take over his territory. The gang boss is skeptical, as Scorpion doesn't seem that impressive to him. Scorpion boasts that he killed Spider-Man, but Santonio shows Scorpion that he's still alive, as he's being shown on the news. Scorpion then leaves the mansion, but is approached by the Jackal, who tells Scorpion that he will help him destroy Spider-Man.

While the Scorpion plans Spider-Man's destruction, Spider-Man finds the hotel Scorpion is currently living in, and finds the money which Scorpion stole last issue. He calls up the police and tells them where the money is, before going to look for the Scorpion. This proves fruitless, so he changes to Peter Parker and visits Aunt May. Only minutes after arriving Scorpion comes through the window, saying that he was told by the Jackal that he'd find Spider-Man in this room. As the Scorpion terrorizes Aunt May, thinking she knows where Spider-Man is, Peter sneaks off and changes to Spider-Man. Spider-Man is so enraged with the Scorpion that he manages to annihilate Scorpion, without Scorpion getting a single punch in. However, one such punch knocks Scorpion off the edge of the building.

Spider-Man is unable to find the Scorpion, and so scans the area for him. As he does, he starts to worry that the Jackal may know his real identity, since he told Scorpion where to find him in the hospital, and the Jackal dropped hints that he knew who he was in their last encounter. Spider-Man eventually manages to find Scorpion climbing the Chrysler Building, and knocks him off so far that Scorpion freaks out and thinks Spider-Man's going to kill him. Scorpion's fall is broken by a statue, but he's still scared of Spider-Man, and tells him he'll do anything if he doesn't get hurt. Spider-Man then makes Scorpion apologize to Aunt May for scaring her.


  • Features the Hostess Twinkies ad, Captain Marvel In The Big Bang!!

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