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Peter and Joe Robertson continue their bid to bring J. Jonah Jameson home after he is kidnapped in Paris. Stateside, Aunt May sees a young woman that is the spitting image of the deceased Gwen Stacy! Is this a strange apparition? Or has Gwen Stacy returned from the dead?

The Delusion Conspiracy!

Spider-Man is swinging around Paris, thinking about the recent events which led to him going to France (and gives a summary of the previous issue at the same time). Upon returning to his hotel as Peter Parker, he receives a note from a receptionist, which was delivered a moment ago. Upon reading it, Peter finds out that it's instructions from J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson's kidnappers, who have told him to wait in his room for further instructions. Whilst in his room, Peter calls Aunt May up, to pass the time. After they finish talking, Aunt May goes outside, only to see someone which shocks her so much that she faints.

Meanwhile, Peter is visited by the kidnappers, who want Peter to bring the million dollars to Notre Dame, where they are keeping Jameson and Robbie hostage. After they leave, Peter gets the money out of the hotel's safe (where Robbie put it), before stopping at a hardware store to buy something which he believes will help him stop Cyclone. Peter then heads to Notre Dame to rescue Robbie and Jameson.

At Notre Dame, Cyclone taunts Jameson, saying that Americans are weak. Upon Jameson pointing out that Cyclone has a gadget which lets him create vortexes, Cyclone tells Jameson that America could have had it after he made it for N.A.T.O., but was rejected. At this point, Spider-Man appears with the briefcase of money, and distracts Cyclone and his goons with it. He then takes out the goons easily, but has a bit more difficulty with Cyclone. After trying to slip down the eye of Cyclone's vortex, he gives up on that and uses what he bought from the hardware store: a giant fan. Although Cyclone laughs at him, the fan creates an opposite force to Cyclone's, cancelling out Cyclone's vortex and slamming Cyclone into a wall. Spider-Man then unties Robbie and Jameson, and uses a recording of Peter Parker's voice to make it sound as if they were there at the same time, throwing suspicion off his alternate identity.

Upon getting back to his apartment in New York, Peter is shocked to find Gwen Stacy there, apparently alive.


  • Features the Hostess Fruit Pies ad, Spider-Man In The Trap
  • This is the first Hostess ad in this title, they would continue to appear for the next seven years, with a total of 73 ads, ending with Amazing Spider-Man #227, April 1982.

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