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At the start of this issue, Spider-Man is swinging around, when he sees someone. He thinks that it must be Mysterio's fault (who he fought last issue), since he was creating illusions and making Spider-Man doubt his own sanity. Spider-Man then heads to J. Jonah Jameson's office, since he thinks that Jameson might have had something to do with Mysterio attacking him. However, Jameson is gone, and so Spider-Man changes to Peter Parker so that he can ask where Jameson is. Upon entering the Bugle as Peter Parker, Robbie Robertson offers to take Peter out for lunch.

Whilst having lunch, Robbie shows Peter a telegram Jameson sent him from Paris (where he left for at the conclusion of the previous issue), which tells Robbie to come to Paris with one million dollars (from the Daily Bugle account). Robbie is worried about Jameson, and so offers for Peter to come with him for Paris. Peter manages to settle things up with Professor Warren so that he's allowed to miss school, and heads to the airport. Before leaving at the airport, Peter says goodbye to Mary Jane, and kisses her for the first time before leaving.

Almost a day later, Spider-Man is swinging around France, following Robbie Robertson. After a while, Robbie is attacked, and Spider-Man stops the attackers a moment after Robbie is knocked out. After beating them all, he recalls how Robbie had been called when they reached their hotel, and had gone around almost all of Paris before coming here, due to the orders of the men who called him. Spider-Man is then attacked by a man who calls himself the Cyclone, who can create vortexes at any moment. Cyclone creates a vortex which takes himself, Robbie, and his men away before Spider-Man can do anything, and warns Spider-Man that if he doesn't receive one million dollars within 24 hours, both Robbie and Jameson will die.

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