brewski420's The Amazing Spider-Man #14 - The Grotesque Adventure of the Green Goblin review


Written by Stan Lee and drawn by Steve Ditko. This issue marks the first appearence of my all time favorite villian, the green Goblin! The beginning of this comic we have the Green Goblin meeting up with the Enforcers to plan Spider-Man's defeat! They come up with a plan that involves tricking Spidey into coming to New Mexico to star in his own movie. Which he's told he will be paid $50,000. Our hero agrees to be in the movie since he and his aunt May really need the money. When arriving in New Mexico to start filming the movie he's ambushed by the Goblin and the Enforcers. They actually give Spidey the fight of his life(at the time) and he's forced to flee from them into nearby cave. They follow him into the cave to capture the web head, but the Hulk unexpectedly comes from deep within the cave and starts to fight the ol' web head. Spidey manages to defeat the Enforcers and escape death at the hands of the Hulk, but the Green Goblin gets away during the fight. The movie never gets made and Spidey never gets the $50,000. So Spidey heads back to New York as poor as when he left. At the end of this issue we see the Green Goblin at his secret headquarters changing into his civiian duds, which i thought was the best scene out of this whole issue. I have to say that the story in this comic wasn't very good. Maybe the worst comic ever that the Green Goblin was in! I mean i just didn't like the idea of the Green Goblin's first appearence being like this! It's kinda lame actually. The art was good as always, but Stan Lee just seemed to throw this story together without a care. This comic is a classic, but not one of the good ones i'd have to say. I still recommend you reading this comic since this does have the original Green Goblins appearence, but just because of that fact.

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