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Green Goblin attacks a truck carrying radioactive materials. What is the villain’s end goal with this dangerous bounty? Plus, Peter’s friends and family rally to MJ’s side after she is injured by an explosive. Green Goblin makes Spider-Man choose between saving his friends, or Aunt May!

At the start of this issue, the second Green Goblin (Harry Osborn) flies towards a truck, and takes it out with a pumpkin bomb. He then opens the back of it, where he takes out a cylinder of an unknown substance, before leaving with it.

In New York, Spider-Man is looking for Harry Osborn, who tried to kill him last issue. After a bit, Spider-Man decides that he won't be able to find Harry, and returns to their apartment. Unfortunately, when he reaches it, he remembers that it was blown up by a bomb Harry made in the previous issue, and so instead changes to Peter Parker and heads to the hospital where Mary Jane is (after being injured by the bomb). At the hospital, Mary Jane tells Peter about a news report she's heard over the radio, which reports the Green Goblin attacking the truck. Peter changes to Spider-Man and heads to investigate, but all he finds are the remnants of the Green Goblin's pumpkin bomb.

Spider-Man heads to Norman Osborn's former house, where he finds Harry in the Green Goblin costume. Spider-Man fights the Green Goblin, and is about to knock him out, when Harry points out some screens to Spider-Man. One has Aunt May being viewed, one has Mary Jane, and one has Flash Thompson. All are tied up and have a bomb dangling above their head. Harry tells Spider-Man that one of the bombs is real (made with the cylinder he stole from the truck), whereas two are fake, and if he fails to get rid of the right one, the person most dear to him will die. He only has enough time to get rid of one bomb, but all three are equipped with spider-tracers to help Spider-Man find them faster. In anger, Spider-Man knocks out Harry before heading off to stop the bombs.

Spider-Man is looking for the bombs, when he realizes something Harry said which gives him a clue to who has the real bomb. Since Harry said "the one most dear to you will die", Spider-Man guesses that Aunt May has the real bomb, since she is most dear to him. Spider-Man throws the bomb attached to Aunt May into the river nearby, and fortunately it's the real one. He then heads back to Harry's house, and calls the police to take away Harry, before changing himself to Peter Parker and getting rid of the Green Goblin outfit.

However, when the police arrive, Harry accuses Peter of being Spider-Man. Peter panics for a minute, before the police skeptically ask Harry how he would know. Harry tells them that he's the Green Goblin, and the police decide to put him in a mental institution, since he needs help.

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