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Spider-Man faces threats from multiple places…at the same time! Hammerhead, Doctor Octopus, and the newly-minted Jackal, prove Spidey’s toughest opposition yet.

At the start of this issue, Spider-Man notices a group of thugs armed with some high-tech equipment going to rob a skyscraper, but manages to stop them before they can reach it. Spider-Man questions one of the thugs as to who their leader is, but as the thug starts to stutter the name, his eyes glow brightly and he dies. Spider-Man looks around to find that all of the other thugs are gone, and says that he has a feeling that something weird is happening. Meanwhile, at a pier, the Jackal tries to convince Hammerhead to work with him, but Hammerhead refuses after the Jackal starts taunting him.

Spider-Man heads to the Baxter Building, where he and Johnny Storm have been building a car for the past few issues. Johnny shows Spider-Man the finished result: the Spider-Mobile.After testing the Spider-Signal and webbing that it has built into it, Spider-Man drives off with it, but when Johnny realizes that Spider-Man can't drive, he forces him to stop so that he can give him some pointers. Unknown to them, Doctor Octopus watches Johnny and Spider-Man as they go by, before heading to a skyscraper where a helicopter picks him up.

A few days later, the group of thugs from the start of the issue arrive, this time with flying jet packs. Unfortunately for them, Spider-Man arrives in the Spider-Mobile, and takes them all out. A moment later, Hammerhead arrives, and attacks Spider-Man, knocking him out. When Spider-Man regains consciousness, he finds an envelope with Aunt May's name on it. He takes it, thinking that Hammerhead dropped it, and that since Hammerhead wanted it, it must be something to do with Doctor Octopus killing Albert Rimbaud (in Amazing Spider-Man #120). Unknown to Spider-Man, the letter was actually put there by the Jackal, who wanted Spider-Man to find it so that he, Hammerhead, and Doctor Octopus would all fight each other.

Spider-Man then changes to his Peter Parker identity, and heads to a party which Betty Brant is hosting. After socializing for a bit, he reads the letter in the envelope, and quickly changes to Spider-Man. Spider-Man heads to Westchester, where he finds Aunt May about to marry Doctor Octopus!

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