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Spider-Man meets Power Man! Following Gwen Stacy’s funeral, J. Jonah Jameson solicits Luke Cage for his services; to capture Spider-Man dead or alive.

At the start of this issue, J. Jonah Jameson and Robbie Robertson are with a group of reporters and policemen, where Norman Osborn's body has been found. J. Jonah Jameson believes that Spider-Man killed Norman, and that he'll be caught for it. As Jonah leaves in a car, a mysterious figure on top of a roof watches Robbie walk away, whilst thinking about how he removed the Green Goblin costume from Norman Osborn's body, which will lead to Spider-Man's death. Meanwhile, in his car, J. Jonah Jameson tries to work out how he could get rid of Spider-Man, and notices an article in his newspaper about Luke Cage, the Hero for Hire.

Three days later, Peter Parker and his supporting cast are attending the funeral of Gwen Stacy, who was killed a few issues ago. Flash Thompson tells Peter that there was nothing between him and Gwen, and then leaves along with the rest of the mourners. Robbie tells Peter that Jonah wanted to attend the funeral, but had other things to attend to. The scene then changes to an old apartment, where J. Jonah Jameson is meeting Luke Cage. At first Luke is reluctant to work, seeing as it's Saturday, but upon Jonah offering him more money, he agrees to capture Spider-Man dead or alive.

A bit later, Spider-Man is swinging around, feeling guilty about Gwen Stacy's death. Spider-Man thinks that maybe he should stop being a superhero if all that happens is people die, when he is attacked by Luke Cage. After realizing why Luke is targeting him, Spider-Man starts calling him a low-rate mercenary, and that he should be ashamed of selling his powers out. This gets Luke annoyed, who says that it's the only way he can make money, but Spider-Man leaves him, since he's not in the mood for fighting. Spider-Man then goes to his apartment and changes to Peter Parker, before finding Harry Osborn inside. However, Harry glares at Peter menacingly, and ignores Peter when Peter talks to him.

Later that night, Peter and Mary Jane are at a school concert, since Mary Jane is trying to cheer Peter up. Before long, however, Luke Cage bursts in, demanding that Spider-Man come out, since he knows he's there (although in reality he's just guessing that Spider-Man's there). Peter changes to Spider-Man, and attacks Luke Cage, but after a short fight, he realizes that Luke is just trying to do a job, and that they're too evenly matched for either to win. Spider-Man then webs Luke up long enough to apologize for calling him a sell-out. Luke then gives J. Jonah Jameson his money back, whilst Peter Parker rejoins Mary Jane at the concert.

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