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Spider-Man’s throwdown with the Hulk brings General Ross to town!

In the previous issue, Peter Parker traveled to Canada to meet with a lawyer of Aunt May's, who claimed he had something too delicate to say over the phone or through a telegram. However, he soon found himself trying to stop the Hulk from destroying a dam, whilst the Army fought him. After the Hulk manages to sweep a tidal wave over the Army, he escapes from them by leaping. After this, Spider-Man returns to Montreal and changes to Peter Parker, before calling up Gwen Stacy to see how Harry Osborn is doing after collapsing in the previous issue. Gwen tells Peter that he has to get back to New York as soon as possible, since Harry's been taking drugs once more.

After Peter hangs up, he notices a man following him. He then changes to Spider-Man, and asks the man why he's following him. The man tells Spider-Man that Doctor Octopus ordered him to follow Peter Parker, since he's interested in Peter's aunt. Before Spider-Man can question him further, the Army arrives, and General Ross asks Spider-Man where the Hulk is, since he thinks that Spider-Man is in cahoots with the Hulk. Spider-Man manages to get away and change to Peter Parker, then goes to the lawyer's office where he went last issue. The secretary tells Peter that Jean-Pierre Rimbaud wants to meet Peter in person, and drives Peter to meet Rimbaud.

However, as they drive, they run into the Hulk, who attacks the car and knocks out everyone but Peter. Peter changes to Spider-Man, and fights the Hulk. After a lengthy fight, Spider-Man is about to be killed by the Hulk, when General Ross and the Army arrive, and chase off the Hulk. Spider-Man changes to Peter Parker, when Rimbaud arrives. Peter has just started to talk to Rimbaud when Rimbaud is shot by an assassin, who then runs off. Peter then gets on a plane back to New York.







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