marmendymill's The Amazing Spider-Man #12 - Unmasked by Dr. Octopus! review

The Amazing Puny-Parker!

The cover: 4½ stars

Another great cover, Spidey held helpless and being unmasked by Doctor Octopus with a shocked Jonah and Betty looking on. This was the first Amazing Spider-Man cover that featured any of the supporting cast (okay issue #8 had Flash in an inset panel, but this time it’s a full cover). Anyone picking this issue up in May 1964 must have been wondering how Pete would get out of this one.

Unmasked by Doctor Octopus (22 pages)

Doctor Octopus is back again after escaping Spider-Man in last issue. Some people would claim that this is the first two part story in the Spider-Man series, however both issue #11 and #12 are stand alone stories and other issues could easily have been slotted in between them.

It’s another non-stop all action issue that helps to prove just how powerful and dangerous a foe Doc Ock is, definitely the most treacherous villain Spidey has fought so far in his short career. The Doctor is out to wreak a terrible revenge on Spider-Man so he sets out on a city-to-city crime spree to lure Spidey into facing him again. Unfortunately Peter can’t afford to chase about after Dock Ock plus he has exams and Aunt May to contend with.

Doctor Octopus returns to and kidnaps Betty Brant to force a confrontation with Spider-Man. Not content with having Spidey sprain his ankle last month, Stan and Steve give Pete a 24 hour virus, so when he tackles Ock he’s as weak as a kitten, the Doctor flattens our hero and unmasks him. Fortunately for Pete nobody believes he is Spider-Man, thinking he was just trying to save Betty, so his secret is safe.

Doctor Octopus is so incensed at being tricked by a teenager he goes on a rampage and releases some dangerous wild animals from the Zoo in an attempt to force Spidey to fight him. Pete recovers from his virus, captures the animals and a major battle ensues all over town between the two enemies. Doc Ock is finally captured after being overcome by a fire in a sculptor’s studio.


After months of trying to get a date with Liz Allen, she finally falls for Pete after his heroic attempt to save Betty Brant.

Steve’s artwork gets better and better, especially his action shots.

Pete gets his own back on Liz and Flash, plus a happy ending for our hero.

Pete gets his own back on Flash and Liz
Steve draws another great action scene
Liz chases after Pete

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