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At the start of this issue, Spider-Man goes to Doctor Octopus's house, where Aunt May is currently residing. He has a telegram to give to her, but whilst changing to Peter Parker, he overhears some thugs talking about a telegram. Becoming suspicious, Peter decides not to tell Aunt May about the telegram until he knows what's in it. Even so, Peter goes inside to see Aunt May, and after an hour of talking he returns to his apartment.

Upon reading the telegram, Peter finds that a man named Jean-Pierre Rimbaud wants Aunt May to meet him in Montreal, Canada, since he has something too delicate to talk about anywhere else. As Peter leaves his apartment, he sees Harry Osborn collapsing to the ground. As he goes over to help, Harry's father Norman yells at Peter not to touch his son. As Peter walks down the street, he starts to worry that Norman might be starting to remember that he's the Green Goblin. Peter then notices a television showing footage of the Hulk in Canada, and works out how he can meet Jean-Pierre Rimbaud in Montreal for free. Peter then goes into the Daily Bugle and convinces J. Jonah Jameson to give him the money to go to Canada so that he can take photos of the Hulk.

Upon reaching Montreal, Peter checks into his hotel, then goes to a lawyer's office where Rimbaud works, and asks the secretary where Rimbaud is. The secretary tells Peter that she'll work out where Rimbaud is by that evening. Since Peter will still have to take photos of the Hulk for the Daily Bugle, he goes to a press conference where General Thunderbolt Ross is talking. During the conference, General Ross receives a call telling him where the Hulk is. Peter then manages to sneak onto one of the Army cars as it leaves, but it is attacked by the Hulk after an hour of driving. The Army then start shooting the Hulk, but thanks to Peter (who has changed to Spider-Man by now), the Hulk is unable to hurt any soldiers. The Hulk then heads to the Maskattawan Dam, and tries to break it. Luckily, Spider-Man arrives and manages to lessen the pressure on either side of the dam wall, but the Hulk still manages to break the wall.

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