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The man responsible for the creation of the Smasher stands revealed! Enter the Disruptor!

At the end of the previous issue, Peter Parker was trying and failing to hold up a ceiling with his webbing. Despite that the ceiling collapses, people still manage to get out of the way, so no one is hurt. Afterward, Peter gets down to the ground, so that no one will suspect it was him on the ceiling, and leaves with Mary Jane and Gwen Stacy.

In an unknown apartment, a costumed man who calls himself the Disruptor is talking on the phone, blaming some people for failing to kill half of Richard Raleigh's supporters. After the conversation, he goes to a scientist, and demands for the Smasher (who attacked Spider-Man last issue) to be made more powerful. The scientist tells him that he's working on it, before the Disruptor takes the remote control from the scientist and uses it to control the Smasher. However, the Smasher is in danger of running amok, and the Disruptor is told how to stop him should this happen.

Over at J.Jonah Jameson's house, Jonah, Robbie Robertson, and Norman Osborn are discussing Richard Raleigh, the new candidate for mayor. Although Jonah is pleased with him, Robbie is suspicious, since Raleigh seems to good to be true. After Jonah mentions that he's meeting Raleigh in half an hour, Robbie tells Jonah that he's going to go read up on Raleigh's background.

Meanwhile, Spider-Man is out looking for the Smasher, since he needs to take some pictures of him so that he can get some money. After stopping some thugs, Spider-Man changes to Peter Parker and meets Harry Osborn to go to a youth rally of Raleigh's. Moments after Raleigh leaves, a car pulls up, and the Disruptor steps out, looking for Raleigh. Peter runs off to change to Spider-Man, but after a short fight with the Disruptor, he is stopped by the Disruptor's thugs as he escapes in his car.

That night, J. Jonah Jameson goes to interview Richard Raleigh. Raleigh gets rid of a mob boss who was trying to intimidate Raleigh. Jonah mentions that Robbie Robertson is digging up some background information on Raleigh, which the mob boss overhears. Later that night, the Disruptor goes to see his scientist, who tells him that the Smasher is now completely indestructable. The Disruptor then commands the Smasher to find Robbie Robertson and to bring him to him dead or alive.

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