marmendymill's The Amazing Spider-Man #11 - Turning Point review

The Doctor Is Out!

The cover: 3½ stars

Not one of my favourite covers, but it does the job. Doctor Octopus looks menacing and aggressive, Spider-Man appears helpless and you can tell immediately the scene is set on a boat. So why am I not blown away by it … it’s just a bit dull and static.

Turning Point (21 pages)

This issue lives up to its title; it marks a turn in the storytelling style of this series, it’s a much darker tale than anything we’ve had so far. It also features the return of Spidey’s deadliest villain to date … Doctor Octopus as well as being only the second time that we’ve ventured outside of … .

Doc Ock is released from prison and much to everyone’s surprise is picked up by Betty Brant who left town last issue. We then discover that Betty’s brother, Bennett, is a weak willed mob lawyer, who has to hire Doc Ock to break his boss, Blackie Gaxton, out of jail.

Doc   Ock decides to take over Blackie’s mob after springing him … Spidey gets involved … big fight … Bennett gets shot … Blackie and his mob get arrested … Spider-Man and Doctor Octopus fight to a standstill … Doc Ock escapes.

Then there’s the sub-plot, Peter decides he loves Betty and will tell her he’s Spider-Man … Betty blames Spider-Man for the death of her brother … she later decides that Spidey’s not to blame but can’t face Spider-Man as he will remind her of Bennett … the shadow of Spider-Man looms large over the life of Peter Parker.

It’s also a fairly violent issue, Doctor Octopus slaps Bennett about, Blackie Beats him up and then Bennett gets shot dead. It’s an all action, rip-roaring story, probably the best to date.


Peter develops his first Spider-racer.

Stan and Steve never make it easy for our hero, so this issue Spidey sprains his ankle.

Some of Stan’s dialogue is still really corny.     
More corny dialogue
Spidey sprains his ankle
The first Spider-Tracer

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