englentine's The Amazing Spider-Man #10 - The Enforcers! review


Well, it appears that Miss Bett Brant has a bit of a secret, we find out here that she owes money to the crime boss, called with all sorts of origininality "The Big Man" . Of course J. Jonah Jameson believes that Spiderman is "The Big Man" and asks one of his reporters to write a series of articles to prove it. He doesn't learn all that well considering this is the same stupid thing he did in issue number nine. I always have felt, I can be put into any story any fantasy, so long as it obeys it's own logic. Here the book does, but barely. The Enforcers should never be a problem for Spiderman. Yet it is explained that he was not well before the fighting began. Knowing that, the first ten books is topped off by one of the better ones. God times to be had with this one.

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