otoboke's The Amazing Spider-Man #1 - Spider-Man Vs. The Chameleon review

Spider-Man Versus the Chameleon

Out with the old and in with the new for 1963! Upon the huge success of Spider-Man featured in the now defunct Amazing (adult) Fantasy series, Marvel cashes in and sends the same creative team to make comic book history. Providing a neat little backstory for those who may have missed Peter’s debut around seven months prior,Amazing Spider-Man #1 mixes the pathos of the original’s origin story with an action-packed narrative that pits Spider-Man against a foe who can transform himself to look like anyone—even Spider-Man himself! In amongst Spider-Man riding on top of a jet and trying to persuade the Fantastic Four to let him join their ranks in order to make a little dough for his aunt May however, is the same old Peter Parker with his social problems and money issues, and oh yeah, the death of his uncle which he blames himself for. Heavy stuff, and this is just the first issue.

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