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Anti-mutant sentiments flare in Midtown High and Mary Jane Parker takes center stage when one of Spider-Girl’s classmates begins exhibiting dangerous new powers.

As May goes off to school, things seem normal between her and her mother. Mary Jane still worries about May being Spider-Girl. She understands that that is who she is but it still scares her.

When May arrives at school, her spider-sense go off when she approaches her friend Sara Hingle. Sara says she has a migrane and passes on going to see the school nurse. In class, Sara's headache gets worse. Suddenly, there a bunch of energy surrounding her. May convinces their teacher to get everyone out of the room. May stays behind and tries to calm Sara. Sara is reacting even worse after hearing her peers call her a mutie. May is hit by a blast of energy and is sent flying.

Later, Mary Jane is in the Prinicpal's office with little Ben. May seems fine and she asks what will happen to Sara. She's been sedated and taken to a local facility that deals with situations like these. They will evaluate her to see if she can continue attending Midtown High, although parents have already started voicing their concern. As they walk out into the hall, May's friends. Soon the conversation is split on Sara being a danger and a freak.

When May and Mary Jane tried visiting Sara, they were not allowed to see her. They go over to her parents' house later to try to console them. They have been getting harrassed all day with phone calls. Her father doesn't seem to be handling it well. He is concerned with the embarrassment and possible lawsuits the morning's incident may have caused. As he continues to go off on his daughter being a freak, May begins to cry at his horrible words.

The next day at school, things are still a little tense about Sara. May wants to try to visit her again. Mary Jane goes back to Sara's house to talk to her parents again. Sara's dad is ready to ship her off to a school for mutants. Sara ends up breaking out of the facility. May got stuck in the lab and figures on trying to see Sara tomorrow. May sees Sara walking down the street in her hospital clothes. When May tries to stop her, Sara unknowingly lashes out at her. May continues to try to talk to her. She uses her powers to leap inside of Sara's energy field. She explains that she knows what she's going through and hopes she can trust her with her secret. At the same time, Mary Jane is able to talk some sense into Sara's father.

As May and Mary Jane walk home, Mary Jane tells her she and Peter have come to a decision. The whole incident with Sara has made her realize that May was born to be Spider-Girl. She gives her her costume back and says she hopes that one day she will forgive her for causing her misery over risking her life.

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