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Peter Parker busts into May's room holding the latest copy of the Daily Bugle. He is outraged that she is appearing as Spider-Girl at a comic store since she was supposed to hang up her webs. Relieved that she hadn't actually been called out, she tells him that it's just a publicity stunt that her friends, Jimmy Yama and Wes Westin, set up to promote their comic book. Peter apologizes as she heads out for school. Mary Jane had overheard the entire conversation and tells May she's going to have come clean with him soon, including dropping out of the student council race. She thinks about all this plus wonders what she should do with the Kingpin's disk that the Hobgoblin is after.

At the Midtown Police Station, Detective Drasco continues to question Mona Carlo about the disk. She tells him that she gave it to Spider-Girl and is actually glad to be rid of it. Drasco calls the Hobgoblin and tells him what he discovered. He says he believes Carlo. The Hobgoblin isn't ready to completely believe her yet but plans on confronting Spider-Girl for himself.

At Midtown High, May finds that someone has written "Quitter" on her locker. She thought the defacing would be over now that she was out of the election. She is soon joined by Felicity who is assuming that May's dropout means she's going to spend more time as Spider-Girl. She offers her help if she needs it. May takes her up and tells her that she needs help accessing the disk. Felicity is unable to open it.

In South America, Black Tarantula recieves a call from Chesbro telling him that his source in the police department says Spider-Girl may have the disk that he and Hobgoblin wants. Black Tarantula doesn't wish to confront her just now so he plans to leave it be. But he does want to send Hobgoblin a message.

At the Deacon's Den comic shop, Heather prepares to put on the Spider-Girl costume Jimmy and Wes have provided. There is a big crowd waiting as Hobgoblin crashes through and grabs Heather. Not having a choice, May has to run out and change to save her. Hobgoblin has figured out that Heather wasn't really Spider-Girl. She was going to be bait for her. Still not possessing web fluid, May has to fight without spinning webs. SHe tells Hobgoblin that she destroyed the disk when she couldn't open it. Soon she is able to get Hobgoblin to release Heather by using a stinger. As they land, she slightly injures her ankle. Spider-Girl prepares to go on the offensive in order to surprise Hobgoblin when a string of bullets is fired and damages his glider. Hobgoblin can assume that this is from Black Tarantula. Not prepared to face him just now, he leaves. He also assumes that Spider-Girl gave the disk to Black Tarantula in exchange for protection.

Spider-Girl later meets with Detective Drasco. She hands the disk over to him, not knowing that he works for the Hobgoblin. She figures he's one of "New York's Finest" and will do the right thing with it. As she arrives at home, she tells her father everything. She says that she did not choose to be a hero. It chose her. Mary Jane also admits that she gave May back her costume. With everything out, May says she needs to get some air. Not entirely angry, Peter tells her that the conversation is not over. Outside, May is relieved that it is out. She feels this is a new beginning for her.

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