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As Spider-Girl learns the fate of a family member, the Hobgoblin unearths the secret origin of the Black Tarantula. Learn the fate of Araña. And what's little Benjy doing crawling...on the ceiling?

The Hobgoblin smashes his way into the headquarters of the cult of Madame Web. The room is filled with blindfolded women dressed in red robes. He tells them he's not there to hurt them, he just wants to talk to Madame Web. His violence is stopped when one lady tells him she is no longer with them. She is the one that sits in the Chair of Clairvoyance. She knows he is there seeking information on Black Tarantula. She tells him that he is in luck because her cult hates Black Tarantula too.

In the Parker home, May gets ready to leave for school. Before she does, she wants to give her brother Benjy his juice. Looking in the living room, she discovers that he is not in his playpen. Freaking out, she is suddenly hit on the head by a pacifier from directly above her. Little Ben is crawling on the ceiling. May manages to get him down just before Mary Jane comes down the stairs. Mary Jane mentions that she, Ben, and Peter are taking the next couple days to enjoy some peace without the mention of any "spider-stuff."

Walking to school with Davida, May is a little distant. They are surprised to see Gene Thompson arm-in-arm with Simone DeSantos. Davida is ready to give him a piece of her mind but May stops her. She says the break up wasn't all his fault. (The real reason was because her activities as Spider-Girl took time away from Gene). Davida then asks May if she's given any thoughts to Wes. May says she's not sure if she's ready to jump into another relationship. Davida warns her that if she doesn't make a move, she just might.

The new oracle continues to tell Hobgoblin the history of the Black Tarantula. The stories tell of him him being around during the time of Marco Polo's first expedition of China. He became obsessed with mastering the martial arts and joined a cult of assassins that still supposedly exists to this day. His mastery of the arts lead to him discovering the secret of immortality. What may actually be the case is the tradition of the Black Tarantula was passed down from father to son.

After shopping with Davida, May changes into Spider-Girl and decides to visit the headquarters of the Fantastic Five to talk to Mr. Fantastic about the development of Ben's powers. She is greeted by a man is metal mask. She finds out that it's Franklin. He tells her it's a long story as to why he's wearing a "creepy new look." He asks what she wants and she tells him to talk to his dad. Franklin tells her that he will be unreachable for the foreseeable future and if she wasn't so self-absorbed, she would've known about the recent events they've faced.

Swinging away, Spider-Girl comes across a mugging in an alley. She jumps down and violently takes out the three thugs, telling them that this is her neighborhood. Women and children are not to be threatened there. When one of them pulls a gun on her, she webs it up and begins to slap him over and over, saying he's made a "fatal" mistake thinking he could match her reflexes. Coming to her senses, she realizes that something is off. Seeing that the woman and her child are alright, she swings away.

Hobgoblin asks the oracle if she expects him to believe that Black Tarantula has never been defeated. She tells him that he has been defeated before. Both Spider-Man and the teenage Araña have managed to overpower the father of the current Black Tarantula. Hobgoblin says that he's not familiar with Araña. The oracle says that she operated from the shadows. Hobgoblin figures all he has to do is find her to discover how she overpowered Black Tarantula. The oracle says that won't be possible as she has taken it to her grave.

At Moose's house, May, Davida, and Courtney are visiting. He's still a little down as the condition of his father hasn't changed. He does have good news. He will be returning to Midtown High since his Uncle has been transferred to Queens. His cousin Donna will also be going to Midtown with them. Moose does let it out that he hates Spider-Girl since she was more concerned with killing Carnage than saving his father's life. He says a real hero would've found a way to do both. These words cut May deeply.

The oracle finishes the accounts of Black Tarantula, including his association with the Hand and his recent control over the Brotherhood of Scriers. Hobgoblin asks if there's any way to take him down. The oracle says may be a way, "the Heart of the Spider." When he asks what that is and how can he get it, the oracle says no one really knows. She gives him a quote about the tarantula having fear and being defeated. Hobgoblin isn't happy over receiving "poetry" rather than a weapon and leaves. He figures the visit wasn't a complete waste as perhaps Spider-Girl has something to do with the "heart of the Spider."

With the Hobgoblin gone, the oracle removes her robe to reveal, none other than Araña. Miguel turns up at her side and is surprised she told him she was dead. Araña says she doesn't want Hobgoblin searching for her as he searches for the "heart." Miguel asks her if she think it really exists and she says it's possible. She hopes that the Hobgoblin will use his resources to find it and also take out the Black Tarantula.

May is walking home from Mooses and runs into Wes. He is in a hurry. She wonders what is going on. He tells her he's a little freaked out, but in a good way. Davida just asked him out. He is in shock and has to go tell Jimmy Yama and everyone else he knows. May continues to walk alone.

In the Hobgoblin's lair, he talks to Mindworm and the mother from the alley. Mindworm says he's managed to establish a psychic link with Spider-Girl and was able to push her. He says that as she struggles with her inner demons, she will easily be destroyed by them.

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