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Called 'Abyssal Ones' (深淵の者, Shin'en no Mono, literally "Persons of the Abyss"), they are former No. 1 warriors of the Organization that have awakened. They were given the title of Abyssal One due to their reclusive nature, remaining out of sight for the majority of their existence. By the beginning of the series the Abyssal Ones remained quiet for so long that many warriors of the Organization did not know of their existence.

Team Evolution

The Powerful Three

Luciela of the South

The original three Abyssal Ones were called the "Powerful Three". The Powerful Three were Isley of the North, Riful of the West and Luciela of the South. They each settled in one of the five regions of the island - west (Lautrec), north (Alphonse), and south (Muca). The east (Sutare) remained in firm control of the Organization, while the center (Toulouse) remained neutral, populated by independent cities. Though quietly coexisting for an undefined length of time, a war soon broke out between the Powerful Three as Isley sought the lands of the south for unknown reasons. It was originally thought that the Powerful Three made a non-aggression pact among one another, but this turned out to be false. It was rather that their territories did not overlap and so, no conflict arose between them. However due to the gathering of an awakened army by Isley, the other two began to stir and the Organization became aware of their increasing activity.

Silver King Isley of the North
Empress Riful of the West

The Forgotten Ones

The Forgotten Ones is an unofficial title given to Rosemary and Alicia, due to the fact that they passed the criteria for being labelled Abyssal Ones, but were never officially recognized as such. The reason being that the Organization was unaware of their awakened status. Rosemary's status as an Awakened Being was hidden from them by Teresa, who lied about the events that transpired between them. As far as the Organization knew, Rosemary was humanely killed by Teresa and never awakened. Alicia, on the other hand, was called an Abyssal One by Riful, but was never labelled one by the Organization. This was because Alicia had the ability to switch between her awakened and human form. Later on, however, Alicia did fully awaken, but was subsequently killed before the Organization became aware of this.

Dark Alicia

The Resurrected Warriors

Cassandra the Dust Eater

With the entirety of their warrior ranks rebelling against them, the Organization sought to revive previously dead No. 1 warriors in order to stop them. Since they could only revive three of them, they chose the three with the least amount of damage done to their physical bodies. The three 'Resurrected Warriors' were Cassandra, Roxanne and Hysteria. Though succeeding at first in quelling the rebellion, they eventually awakened to the surprise of the Organization. Due to their unnatural resurrection, they were never truly alive and such, were bound to awaken as a result.

Roxanne of Love and Hate
Hysteria the Elegant

Abyssal Level Beings

Though not officially considered Abyssal Ones because they were never former No. 1 warriors, they held power equal to that of an Abyssal One. Rafaela was said to have power equal to her sister, Luciela. Fearing the creation of another Abyssal One if Rafaela was to awaken, they decommissioned her for a time.Beth, being Alicia's twin, was equal to her sister in every aspect. However, she was considered the stronger of the two because the burden of holding her sister's soul, in addition to her own, demanded more from her body and mind.

Dark Beth

Beings that exceed the Abyssal Ones


Despite the awesome power which Abyssal Ones contain, there are beings in existence which exceed the power of Abyssal Ones. Due to their immeasurable power, they are considered gods when compared to other Awakened Beings. The beings that exceed the Abyssal Ones are Priscilla, the Destroyer, and the Riful doll. They are so powerful that they are capable of taking down other Abyssal level beings effortlessly.

Riful Doll

The Destroyer

Near-Abyssal Level Beings

There are Awakened Beings in existence that have near-abyssal power levels. These beings are usually warriors who had the potential to being No. 1's during their lifetime, but were unable to reach that potential. Miata, the No. 4 of the present generation, was capable of reaching No. 1 status, but was unable to reach that level due to her child-like mentality, which led to an inability to follow orders. Europa was another warrior who had the potential of being a No. 1, but lacked the resolve to follow through with it. She was noted for being lazy and would rather play dead, instead of fighting.

Europa the Idle
The Child Warrior/ Blood-Eyed Miata

Common Characteristics

Vast Amount of Yoki

Uncontrollable trembling when in the presence of Isley's yoki.

A common trait shared among all Abyssal Ones is the sheer amount of yoki they contain and release. Though warriors of the Organization and awakened beings all contain and release yoki, Abyssal Ones contain vast amounts compared to everyone else. The release of their yoki and the sheer size of it are enough to frighten warriors and awakened beings alike, some become overwhelmed by it and exhibit physical symptoms when in its presence. Sensory type warriors or those with exceptional yoki reading abilities can be additionally overwhelmed as their ability to perceive and detect yoki are more sensitive when compared to an average warrior's. Some have collapsed from the sheer power and size of their yoki.

Because their yoki are so large, the effects of their yoki can also be seen in the real world. Though regular humans cannot detect the presence of the yoki itself, its release may cause physical alterations to their surroundings. Their yoki may cause the surrounding area to shake and cause the immediate area to break and crumble as if under great force. The amount of energy released from their bodies can displace the air around them as if a powerful current was being produced, causing powerful gusts of wind to surround them, often blowing away from their body.

High-Speed Regeneration

Cassandra regenerating damage done to her nearly instantaneously.

Due to the vastness of their yoki they could easily use it for multiple purposes. One of them include expending energy to regenerate missing limbs and organs. However, they cannot regenerate indefinitely if their yoki reserves are depleted or if they sustain collateral damage. The majority of wounds would begin to heal automatically, unless yoki reserves are low, in which case regeneration requires concentration (as effort must be placed in releasing yoki into the damaged area for healing to begin). The more severe the wound, the more yoki it requires to heal, and the more time it requires to regenerate. Though if given enough time, nearly all wounds can be healed. The only viable weak spot for many of the Abyssal Ones is the head, as extreme head trauma (such as decapitation, collateral brain damage, destruction of all or parts of the brain) will result in the death of the Abyssal One. However, this weakness does not apply to all Abyssal Ones or awakened beings for that matter.

Superhuman Strength, Speed and Durability

Luciela and Isley fight caused earthquakes and craters.

Being some of the strongest awakened beings to exist, they have superhuman strength, durability, speed and reflexes to match. Though their abilities are largely undefined, much can still be determined from what has been seen.

They are capable of covering vast distances in very short periods of time and move so fast that they seem to disappear before a person's eyes. They are quick enough to dodge multiple attacks and fight multiple enemies at once. Their reflexes are enhanced beyond human limits and they can perform multiple actions in a blink of an eye. Being among the oldest and strongest Awakened Beings to exist, their reflexes are also above those of other Awakened Beings.

Riful unhurt and unfazed.

Their strength and durability allow them to break through physical barriers and man-made ones, such as forests, castles and mountains. Their strength is sufficient enough to destroy entire cities and change landscapes. Human weapons have absolutely no affect on them as arrows, spears and swords cannot penetrate their bodies. Only other awakened beings or warriors from the Organization can damage them. The warriors of the Organization carry swords of an unknown material that are capable of cutting through the tough exterior of an awakened being, though it requires even more effort to effectively hurt an Abyssal One.

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