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There are 13 artifacts that reside in the Top Cow Universe. For centuries the 13 Artifacts were unknown, until the events of Broken Trinity. The Curator finally lists all but two of the 13 artifacts and gives Michael Finnegan the task of keeping them separate. An unknown being captures and reprograms Aphrodite IV with the task of procuring all the artifacts for himself. This unknown figure lists all 13 artifacts and tells Aphrodite IV that he intends to unite all the artifacts and destroy the world with the intent to bring about a new world.

The Artifacts

Wielders: Sara Pezzini

Previously: Katarina Godliffe, Danielle Baptiste

Wielders: Jackie Estacado

Previously: Capris Castiglione, Danny Estacado, Aram

Wielder: Finch

Previously: Danielle Baptiste

Wielder: Patience - The Magdalena

Previously: Mariella - The Magdalena

Wielder: Ian Nottingham

Previously: Michael Finnegan

Wielder: Unknown

Previously: Michael Finnegan

Wielder: Glorianna Silver


Wielder: Alina Enstrom


Wielder: Tom Judge

Previously: Tilly Grimes

Wielder: Sabine


Wielder: Rachel Harrison

Previously: Necromancer and the Elder demon Mali

Wielder: Unknown

Previously: Aphrodite IV

Wielder: Ji Xi

Other Objects of Power

Other entities born from the 13, but not part of the 13.

  • Weave - created when Witchblade and Darkness were wielded by one man.

Wielder: Tarsem Vox

Previous: Lara Croft

No wielder, she's human with unknown powers

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