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A sorcerer and native of Atlantis before it went into the sea. He once possessed six talismans composed of silver, gold, diamond, pearl, Orichalcum and one composed of meteor fragments. Throughout history he lost (in battle) key items throughout the world. In Atlantis, he lost his belt which contained Orichalcum. Years later he lost his breastplate in what is now modern day Israel. In Europe, he lost his necklace in Ireland and his armlet in Greece. He lost his crown in what is now modern day Brazil. Finally, he lost his scepter in Japan.

Seven villains were searching out these items to revive Thaumar Dhai. Ashtoreth and Moloch recovered the breatplate. Echidne recovered the armlet. Sotrold recovered the belt. Dubh Magus recovered the necklace. El Dorado recovered the crown. And, Yuki-Onna recovered the scepter. They revived Thaumar Dhai on Easter Island. However, they met fierce resistance from Superman and the Global Guardians.

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