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Thark Warrior

Tharks is a race and the name of some tribes of that race. They are natives to the world of Barsoom also known as Mars. They have green skin and six appendages. Two hands, two feet and the middle set are used as both. (However the are usually depicted as hands) They are extremely tall and have two tusks.

Tars Tarkas is one of the most notable Tharks. He started off as a young warrior and worked his way up to be a leader of thousands.

The women of the race are the atrisans. They also instruct the young in the arts of war.

The Tharks are born in eggs that are kept in incubates for about five years. The eggs literally grow after they are laid. It takes about 300 years for a Thark to fully mature and they can live about a thousands years but usually don't because of the harsh environment they are born in. When a Thark get to be about a thousand years they leave their tribe and go down the river Iss where they are never seen again as none of them have ever come back.


Tharks are a creation of Edgar Rice Burroughs. They are part of stories in which John Carter is the lead character. The Tharks are the first people John sees when he first goes to Barsoom (Mars).

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