Would you wacth a Thanos movie if it came out ?

#1 Posted by mv (2069 posts) - - Show Bio

yes i was bored

#2 Posted by eserrano05 (148 posts) - - Show Bio

sure why not

#3 Posted by MrDirector786 (43755 posts) - - Show Bio


#4 Posted by Morpheus_ (29909 posts) - - Show Bio
Yes I would. When all is said and done, he is a very interesting character.
#5 Posted by King Saturn (218322 posts) - - Show Bio
indeed... as long as its done properly... I mean it would probably be more suitable if this was an animated film instead of a live action one... Thanos may look a little strange as a Live Action Character... 
#6 Posted by jloneblackheart (5868 posts) - - Show Bio

Would this just be an original picture or a story line in particular? Either way, I would see it. Just curious.

#7 Posted by Donovan Montgomery (5632 posts) - - Show Bio

I would see it eventualy, I see them all eventually ..........even cought the end of the (cheap) FF movie.  Hoping to see therest someday aswell.
#8 Posted by darkningdawn (89 posts) - - Show Bio

Definately if he was fighting Darkseid.

#9 Posted by Lustwish (537 posts) - - Show Bio

Interesting idea, but I don't see it happening.  You would need a superhero movie in order for him to be in it.  Thanos couldn't do it on his own. 

#10 Posted by defaultdefaultdefault (16426 posts) - - Show Bio

a direct to DVD animated done in the same vein as Planet Hulk, whereas
this would be based directly off of Thanos Quest. personally i think Marvel should keep
the trend of making animated movies based off self contained stories. it works.

#11 Posted by Lustwish (537 posts) - - Show Bio


#12 Posted by jacobyLIVE (1983 posts) - - Show Bio
@darkningdawn:  Why would he fight Darkseid? While it would be an amazing battle,Darkseid is in a different universe 
Isn't Thanos based off of Darkseid? Anyone wanna verify that?
#13 Posted by TimeKeeper (1267 posts) - - Show Bio

I would memorize it if it was even halfway decent!
#14 Posted by The Impersonator (6571 posts) - - Show Bio

I would sure love to. But a movie starring a major villian. I guess it would work.

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