who could beat Thanos

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lordraiden said:
Vance Astro said: "lordraiden said: "Vance Astro said: "lordraiden said: "Vance Astro said: "Drax the Destroyer Adam Warlock The Goddess ... [more]
you know magus has in his possession 5 of the six gems right?
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Dark King said:
lordraiden said: Vance Astro said: "lordraiden said: "Vance Astro said: "lordraiden said: "Vance Astro said: "Drax the Destroyer Adam Warlock ... [more]

And he still couldn't defeat Thanos, let alone Thanos and Warlock!
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It would definatly have to be a cosmic power/ abstract entity.  The only times he has ever been defeated was when he allowed it to happen.  If Thanos ever got up to full confidence and full power, no mortal and many immortals would never be able to defeat him.  Check out the series the end.

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Okay, first off....Doomsday taking down Thanos?  NEVER happening!  Second off, if these people get prep time for this battle, its probably safe to assume that Thanos gets prep time too.  And if Thanos has prep time, Batman has ZERO POINT ZERO chance!!  Don't even start with that garbage!!!!!!  Third, AtPhantom listed  49 people (beyonder twice), several of which could probably take Thanos down. (Technically 46 because he has 3 different Superman characters.)  If its opinion, that's fine.  But if he's saying that ALL those people, except Sentry, could definitely take Thanos down, I'm throwing the BS flag at that in half a heartbeat!!  No way is Thanos going to lose to Shazam, Sentry, Galactus (if Thanos has prep), Darkseid, or Adam Warlock!!  Probably a lot of the others on the list as well, but I don't know much about them.  I'd say Beyonder, LT, Krona, Anti Monitor, and possibly Loki and Karnak.
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who could beat Thanos ? heh... just about anybody can right now the way he is looking in his new run so far... 
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@King Saturn:  Thanos isn't fully powered up yet. Plus he can't die in the Cancerverse... well, no one can die in the Cancerverse.
Thanos with the IG can defeat anybody except the top tier cosmic entities like Living Tribunal or One Above All (not the Celestial One Above All... the real one). But even then, in the IG series LT refused to get involved... so there is no definite answer on whether he could beat him.
Thanos just on his own is still a top tier heavyweight. But you throw the IG into the mix then yea, he is pretty much omnipotent and invincible.
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@Trauma said:

What hero or villian could beat Thanos



is this a joke, please tell me your kidding and that you did not just ask that, any thing galactus level or above can litterly rape the "all shitty Thanos" while picking the nose it does'nt have, you should have spicified dude. but if I wanted to answer I would have just said pre-recton beyonder, super easy answer, you can't arue with that, he can do any thing and choose to know any thing, the only thing thanos cand do that the big B can't is be satisfyed and  ummm ... uhhh...umm... well, that's about it.
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@LubeMan said:


plus jesus
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Hamburger Helper (when he wears the Infinity Gauntlet)

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Drax is like 2 for a million aginst Thanos. Yes he killed him but Thanos has killed him plenty more or rather he let's him live because he enjoys the fight. The Watchers have said themselves to be afraid of Thanos and the Watchers are just not great fighters anyway. Powerful yes but they are not fighters. No one hero below high God level in Marvel can beat Thanos on his own. Thor , maybe if he used all his power. Surfer again maybe if he uses all his power but Thanos will just outsmart him somehow. Emma Frost? Thanos also has some telepathic ability which is hardly ever shown much like Apocolyps is hardly ever shown to be the most powerful telepathic like he is meant to be. Ares would simply be overpowered and out thought. Guys like Hulk,Hercules ,Jugg will be BFR or vaporised long enough for Thanos to get away. Sentry is one who might be able to stay with him for awhile but if Thor can kill him with lightning Thanos can kill him with energy. (I don't think Sentry is really dead btw so this is debatable). Superman, Thanos would be the same as Pc Darksied and should win the majority of the fights unless it's one of the extra powerful versions of Supes. Green Lantern.... Thanos has yellow on his costume :P JK. Thanos would steal a ring of his own. If he was in Dc he would probably lead the black lanterns anyway. I really don't see lanterns being much trouble for him. Batman can do anything with prep but so can Thanos. Thanos would follow Bane's plan and keep him busy intill he's ready to kill him. Dr.Doom, Doom has shown plenty of respect on panel to Thanos in the past. Doom knows that he is overmatched in nearly every area and wouldn't be dumb enough to come into direct contact unless he had no choice. Ghost rider and Spawn would be interesting. I'm not sure what Spawns abilitys are outside of the movies but I do know in comics he's one of the most powerful ever. I'd still take Thanos based on intellect and durability. Ghost Rider, as far as we know he is nearly unhurtable so that alone keeps him in the fight. But can he hurt Thanos? The stare won't work because Thanos has no heart meaning guilt for what he does. Hell fire might hurt him but I doubt it hurts him in the same way as regular humans so it comes down to a brawl. Ghost rider has been as strong as Hulk in the past idk about now. I do think he is a better fighter than Thanos since we have never really seen Thanos in a long h2h fight without using his powers or tech. And this is probably how Thanos would 'win' he'd probably use shields of some sort to slow GR down long enough to get away after seeing that neither can win. It would be PIS somewhat but it's one of the only solutions. Darkseid himself... I see as a draw. The same person created them both. Thanos truly being the Marvel version of Darkseid but they are very different in history and personality yet the same in in many other ways. Like someone said before, they would probably team up for a short time BUT they both have a god complex and would never be able to see another as equal which would build tension between them and sooner or later one would try to overthrow the other. Depending on the version of Thanos and wether ot not death is accepting him at that moment the omega affect may not be able to kill him. Without going into every small detail I'd just say it should be a draw barring the whole DC is more powerful idea which I strongly disagree with when comparing the two companies in a head to head fight. Lobo, Thanos and Lobo are also a lot alike . Lobo killed his whole planet , Thanos killed most of his planet. Lobo can't die , Thanos can't die most of the time. Lobo is out for money, Thanos is out for power. I really see these two as being friends but Thanos would quickly become annoyed by Lobo's trash talk and partying. Lobo is about as strong as Thanos maybe stronger and a much better fighter. Thanos smarter more powerful overall. I see Thanos simply paying him off or making some kind of offer to avoid the match but if they did fight I think it goes the same way as the ghost rider fight where Thanos uses some kind of trap and flees. Flash.. Flash annoys me because with his power he should be able to win nearly any fight but he wouldn't be a very good comic if he did. Punching anything at the speed of light should not only destroy it but also rip Flashes arm off lol. With that Flash should 'sorta' win but it just wouldn't be a very good story that way.

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