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I'm a pretty big Thanos fan, and I have a few questions about the mad Titan.  First, I assume it was in the Infinity Watch arc, but does anybody know what comic it showed that Thanos had the reality gem in?    Second, (and I know this is probably just creators of comics doing their writing thing, but) why did the Living Tribunal make Adam Warlock distribute the infinity gems, but he didn't make Thanos do it when Thanos had evil intentions? (killed off half the entire population of Earth!)     I mean, I really don't think it could be argued that Thanos had better intentions with the gauntlet than Warlock.  Your thoughts?
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adam was an artificial being with limited life experience and supposedly was mentally incapable of managing the gems properly due to his age and likely anger tantrum and possible chance of becoming the magus with the IG endangering the universe.
thanos on the other hand was following the cosmic order of the universe of the young replacing the old. thanos was fully in control and able to wield the IG far better then  warlock. thanos only wanted to replace eternity as the center of reality and importance.  no cosmic law was broken it was natural selection at its best.
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Thanos was shown to have the Reality gem in the Cosmic Powers Unlimited series (issue #1) when he summoned Captain Mar-Vell. I'm pretty sure he never used it in the Infinity Watch series. He brought it out during the Infinity War, but it was a fake to trick the Magus.  

castleking answered the Infinity Gauntlet question very well.

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 I get it that he's an artificial being, but mentally incapable?  He's wasn't mad.  He didn't love death.  He didn't want to kill off half the world just to please someone he wanted love from.  He promised to use the power wisely.  Thanos lost his temper when everyone attacked him.  Granted, Adam wasn't being physically attacked, but Eternity was definitely trying to get the gems away from Warlock regardless.  Since the LT can tell the future, he would have known that Adam would expell the magus and the goddess from within himself, so that doesn't really factor into why LT made him give up the gems.  I remember LT telling Eternity that no cosmic law was being broken while Thanos had the gauntlet.  But what law was Adam breaking?  That's what I don't get.  It just seemed like Thanos was killing earth's population and Earth's (leftover) heroes to please someone that LT obviously knew would never love Thanos.  So if Thanos was killing off people left and right for a life he would never see, why would he be allowed to keep the gems when all Adam wanted was advice, no violence, anarchy, chaos, and mayhem?
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Well it is an established comic book concept that "The path to hell is paved with good intentions" and we have seen recently how Adam still has the capacity to turn into Magus, a threat to all realities not just his own. I'm sorry for this bit of knit picking but Thanos was actually tasked with destroying half the population of the universe not just half the population of Earth. 
That Thanos was in the process of/had destroyed truly vast numbers of people was never Eternity’s issue. The objection was that with the gems Thanos was omnipotent and would replace Eternity. With this in mind The Living Tribunal chose not to get involved, he told Eternity his reasoning. As castleking said Thanos was in fact carrying out a very old cosmic law “survival of the fittest” rather than breaking any cosmic laws. Perhaps that Adam had no intention of assuming the role of an abstract cosmic deity was the problem. That he planned to co-exist with Eternity yet through his power impose his will on that entity, a tad redundant.

In short maybe the difference was that Thanos never alluded to any plan of using his power to arbitrate wrong from right while Adam very much did.

As another thing to keep in mind is what the Living Tirbunal is and how far above human comprehension and logical process it supposedly is. It doesn’t have to make sense to humans to be obeyed and we got a great new comic out of it.

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