Thanos's feats?

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Does anyone know all of Thanos's feats, like his strength, speed, durability, that sort of stuff?

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Strenght is above Hulk.

Speed is quite high. He regularly fights opponents like SS that have light speed combat.

Durability is extremely high. He is impossible to kill. Thanos is banned from death. Thanos is also very difficult to KO. He has tanked blasts from Odin, Galactus, and the like and he was not KOed.

Mental/psychic powers are also formidable. He, along with Xavier and Warlock defeated the Godess, a being that mindcontrolled half the heroes of the MU.

Energy manipulation is very potent. Thanos has Power Cosmic. He also has other energy manipulation capabilities that enable him to the Rot, a cosmic entity.

Thanos also possesses some magic although he rarely uses it.

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His initial strength is above Hulk's, but Hulk's anger strength can surpass Thanos.

His travel speed is faster than the Silver Surfer because he's a teleporter.

His reaction speed and limb reflexes are faster than the Champion's

His durability is extreme, but not quite as like Juggernaut's. Thanos' skin can break and he can bleed, but re is extremely resilient. His body can resist reality warping as well.

Mental powers. Better than Jean Grey, and although his direct power and diversness is weaker than Xavier's, his overall will power is stronger than Xavier's. His will power is probably equal to Dr. Doom's.

Energy projectile are concentrated and more packed than Silver Surfers. He can't manipulate energy as much besides just channeling it from the cosmos. He can store or channel as much power equal or above Odin.

Magic he uses it rarely, but he has used it on Odin.

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Some guy I'm arguing with says that Goku is stronger and faster than Thanos. He also says that while Thanos is smarter than Goku overall, Goku is a fighting genius, and therefore would win in a fight.

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Goku's reflexes and limb movements are faster than Thanos'. But he's not stronger. Depends on the Ki levels.

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Thanos has insane powers. I don't think Goku can beat him. Besides, Thanos can't be killed....

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