Thanos Respect Thread

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Thanos is probably my favorite villain of all time, so i decided to make a Respect Thread for the Mad Titan. It will cover strength, durability/shields, energy manipulation, and best accomplishments


KOs Thing in 1 hit

Pimp smacks Hulk and Drax

Holds his own against Tyrant and overpowers him ( WITHOUT influence of power orb )

Punches Captain Mar Vell from Saturn to Earth

Puts Silver Surfer to the brink of death with a few punches

Owns the Avengers


Unfazed by Surfers energy blast

Tanks hits from both Odin and Surfer

Refuses to yield after tanking multiple blasts from Odin

A nourished Galactus having to EXERT himself to take out his shield

Tanks hits from a bloodlusted Thor with the Power Gem and SMILES


Sends Galactus flying with an energy blast

Turns a Skrull into Stone

KOs Thing with 1 minimal blast

KOs Drax with one small blast

KOs Thing and Thor with eye beams


Absorbed all the abstracts including The Living Tribunal and became God

Easily defeated top tier Celestials including The One Above All

I am aware that some of the links may not work and he has done a lot more than this, but this is most of all the good stuff i could find (surprisingly i didnt find a lot regarding his feats). I may come back to this later and add in more stuff if i find anything

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Good enough for the beginner to start. But yeah, Thanos of Titan is BOSS.

He reminds me of why most villains today are written like such mamby-pambys, compared to how the true and mighty beast himself Thanos was getting down and dirty in the 80s, and bless Jim Starlin such incredible work.

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Pretty good thread. Thanos is the man

#4 Posted by AssertingValor (7371 posts) - - Show Bio

There are already respect threads for Thanos..........

#5 Posted by Russel70 (60 posts) - - Show Bio

Nice Respect Thread

#6 Posted by Walker696 (1014 posts) - - Show Bio

There can never be to many Thanos Respect Threads........all Hail the true Titan

#7 Posted by ThanoswithIG (93 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos is god

#8 Posted by Josteinfleurme65 (916 posts) - - Show Bio

Thanos is life!!!

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