Thanos' power levels?

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Anyone know a basic rundown of Thanos' power levels? I have Marvel Cards, but they're limited/vague about the power levels.  How does Thanos' strength compare to Galactus? Superman?  What about his energy projection?  I've been doing character battles on here and i became stumped when i didn't know about Thanos' feats and power levels in comparision to Galactus etc.

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I haven't gotten around to reading the latest rebirth of Thanos.  Its on th list behind some Thor and others.  Actually, I'm so excited about the rebirth that I don't want to read it because after that, I won't have any new Thanos to read!!!   So others will have the latest knowledge. 
He's always been a powerhouse.  Previous to current version, I would say his strength was on par and likely better than an enraged Hulk.  His energy projection and durability are second to none.  The only characters who seems to be able to hurt him are Skyfathers on Odin's level and above... and of course, Drax - Thanos' kryptonite.  
But his real advantages are his guile and intellect in the areas of prep, strategy and tech.

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Ah I see.  What about vs Galactus?

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He's shown the ability to knock a weakened Galactus off his feet with an energy blast.  But it was a ploy more than a challenge.  Even a weakened big G is way out of Thanos' league in terms of power.  Just put Galactus in the search bar at the top and read his profile.  He's a cosmic constant, of which there are only a few.

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i think he is on par with supes, thor, silver surfer level... if not greater, and with the infinity gauntlet or cosmic cube............ good luck 

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Its hard to actually nail down Thanos' power level because he's almost always shown with some sort of power boost; ie the Infinity Gauntlet or Heart of the Universe. Although seeing what other Eternals and Titans are capable of doing and probably amplify it for him considering he's upgraded himself with forbidden Eternal magic, cybernetics, and his intellect.

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After hi newest rebirth it took a cosmic cube and the full nova force just to slow him down.

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