Thanos, does in fact, Rule. :)

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Thank You Marvel for putting advertisements in your main stream titles for “Thanos Rules”. :)

This image was the last page ad in X-Men Legacy #271. You can imagine my excitement when I saw it… a bit more excited than seeing the last page of X-Men Legacy. ;)

FWIW - X-Men Legacy #271 scores a 4.5 out of 5.0 as far as I am concerned. Great story, nicely written, great art. If it wasn’t for AVX, I would have completely missed these great Rogue stories! This story ends with a cliffhanger -which was what I wanted, because I would have been disappointed if it was wrapped in just one issue.

Anyway, I searched the internet for a bit to see if this image cropped up anywhere… much to my surprise, the only results I could find were of this same image, but without the lettering. Well, now there is one WITH the lettering. :)

Who knew, that nearly 20-years ago (abbreviated story here), I would have come up with something that would later be unwittingly used to promote a Marvel book… A book that I rather like, and will be reviewing tonight (Avengers Assemble #6).

So, in tribute to my online namesake, so say we all: Thanos Rules!


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This is shameless self promotion. How dare you? (jk)

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@RazzaTazz: well now that you mention it... I do feel a bit of shame. So lets call it "Shameful Self-Promotion". :D

hopefully offset by the addition if a new image others can share and enJOY... ;)

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@thanosrules: Agreed, you have done something wrong, you know it, I know it, but you only admitted it after being called out by me. Your behaviour on this matter has been noted.

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