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Ok here are a few quick questions about Thanos I am hoping some one could help me out with. I am a fairly new fan of his so thats why some of these questions may sound stupid. 
1. How is he a mutant? Mutant Gene or what??? 
2. Did Death EVER accept his proposal or what ever he did? 
3. What issues did he practaly destroy the universe? 
4. What species is he? I know he isnt a Skrull and I know he is from Titan. 
5. How did he die and how did he return?   
6. How powerful is he? What is the biggest and strongest hit he can take some say it is planets being thrown at him.
7. My final question is what comic are these images from? I have seen images after this but I want to read the whole issue so what is it from???

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4. Hes a Titan Eternal
5. Drax killed him and Death brought him back.

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1. He's not really a "mutant" like a mutant from Earth. He has the Deviant gene.

2. She always spurned him up until the Thanos mini, where she professed her feelings for him.

3. Marvel: The End

4. Eternal from Titan

5. Drax killed him during Annihilation. He came back after Adam Warlock encased him in a cocoon and the Universal Church of Truth helped resurrect him. Death had a hand in his revival.

6. He's taken hits from Galactus, Odin, Kosmos, Omega, Tyrant, etc. He could survive a planet explosion.

7. 1st - Thanos #5. 2nd - Thanos #3. The arc with Galactus spans issues #1 - #6.


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