How did Thanos return from Cancerverse??

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I was looking though the 'Avengers Assemble" book at my lcs and saw that Thanos is the big bad for the arc. I thought he, Starlord & Nova were stuck in the Cancerverse after the Thanos Imperative story-line. So can anyone tell me how he (and Starlord for that matter) returned to this universe?? And I also see that it looks like Richard Rider won't be the Nova that we see in solicits for upcoming apparently everyone is back from that adventure except Richards?? If anybody can shed any light on any of that, it would be much appreciated. Thanks!!


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People also forget that Drax the destroyer was atomized by Thanos in the "Thanos Imperative arc" as well, but somehow came back.

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As powerful & smart as Thanos is I wouldn't put many things past him, also Death might have changed his/her mind & got him out of there.

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Thanos is popping up every where now (also headlining an event) and I was just wondering if we have a clear answer yet on how he (or drax and star-lord for that matter) returned from the dead

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They have alluded to the fact that they were there in the Cancerverse but never provided an explanation. My thoughts are that if they do not bring it up during Infinity then, it will never be explained.

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