3-Minute Expert: Thanos

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hmmm the reader is in flash though... cant say im a big fan of that (html capatable in the future?). whatever thats what apps are for : P

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How many 3-minute experts have you made in that King Ding Dong shirt?

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that was almost a 5 min expert video

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Great job as usual, guys !!!!

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@The Stegman:  they fought in marvel vs DC
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Marvel "the end" not important for thanos?

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Can we get a Darkseid one soon?
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@Thunderscream:   Too many
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Hah! Exceptional work, G-man. Very smooth flow of the facts, and your insertion into the visuals is a nice touch.  Keep it up!
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GOD..... That old Jim Starlin Cpt. Marvel and Thanos stuff is just excelent.  As a modern reader, who barely remembers the boom bust of spawn/jim lee gold/blue; when it happened.  The mid to late 1970's Cosmic Marvel stuff is still untouchable by anything i've read in cape comics.  It's amazing that Thanos, as a complex dynamic character has stayed relatively dangerous and intact since his inception. 

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I'm really enjoying this videos, make one on deadpool

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these videos are brilliant, thanks..i don't think you mentioned Marvel Universe: The End though did you? i liked that a lot

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thanos's evil really radiates when you consider that he was born in a blissful utopia and hated everyone so much because he hated himself - in comparison to them.  
its kinda funny the way he likes death so much yet seems intent on living.. lol idiot
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I am now up to date on Thanos. Great job G-Man.

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Wow, Thanos is a great villian, shane I couldn't hear this (no sound system at mo)
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Finally learned some info on Thanos. Great vid.

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Thanoes rules!

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ya! good job!

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Always have loved Thanos here, especially during IG.

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Looks like this feature needs an update as Thanos will be the next villain in The Avengers.

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Yup, good work

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Watched the video again last night.

Hopefully we will start getting more 3 minute experts again soon? Please ?

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::To the Avengers:: "He's coming for you..."

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@stoneo said:

@G-Man:Good job, but now that you did Thanos you should do his DC rival Darkseid.


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@The Stegman said:

is it just me...or is Thanos basically Darkseid?...

Basically. Darkseid's cooler though, not to mention the original.

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Yay! Knowledge is power! :)

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Thanks for filling in the details for us in a quick overview. Well done!!

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Awesome! I was in the 9th grade when the Infinity Gauntlet came out and it still my favorite event stories Marvel put out. Me and my friends couldn't believe the craziness of issue #4! Thanos is still my favorite comic book villain!

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So Thanos is suicidal? The Big Guy just needs a FREAKIN HUG!

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@fingernail9: You have NO idea! LOL

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No mention is made of the one time when big T absorbed the Heart of the Universe, is that normal?

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I wish there was a Trade Paper Back, on Thanos's early works. before the infininty Series.

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I really love these videos, thanks Tony!

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GMAN!!! you did it again!

man i love these videos!

thanks for the education!

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Cool Video

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This was a pretty awesome video. Great content and editing!

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Does this mean in the next Avengers movie, we'll get Pip the Troll?

(And great video).

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@CrashLanden: Awesome Question!

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I could see Thanos in the 3rd film, or have set up where Ultron helps defeat him in the 2nd movie, and have Ultron turn bad iin an end credit scene

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Love these. You could do one for so many different characters. Tim Drake would make a good one

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Thanos is by far one of favorite and complex characters in comics.

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Thanks for the refresh, King Ding Dong supporter man.

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thanos he rocks good job

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thanos is way awsome villian than darkseid. the guy have fought every powerful being from champion to silver surfer and still he can't die cause of death herself. in my opinion he's the ultimate villian period.

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Awesome video.

My Thanos collection is almost complete...Thanks for the insight.

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Its funny how there is a love triangle btwn Deadpool Death and Thanos; so G-Man what are your thoughts on this peculiar relationship between these three characters?

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I thought is name was pronounced Thah-nos

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2:50 "...to deal with the universe's overpopulation issues." I told you so I told you so I freaking told you so!!! I kept telling you all that the Marvel universe was overpopulated! He should start by killing the Young Avengers, the Runaways, the Avengers Academy, and every member of the X-Men introduced after 2000!


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